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Sony STRDG1000 HDMI HTPC running VISTA Problem - Please help!

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I have a STRDG1000 connected to my PS3, my HTPC and a Samsung SyncMaster 245B monitor. The problem I am having is I cannot set my resolution above 640X480 in windows vista. I tried to change the monitor driver and it changed it but still will not let me change to a higher resolution. I was using a cyclone HDMI switch before and it worked great. My PS3 is outputting 1080P and it looks great. My HTPC specs:

MoBo = Intel Desktop Board D975XBX
CPU = Core 2 Duo E6600
Mem = 4GB
Video = XFX 8800GTX 768MB
Sound = Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality
OS = Windows Vista Ultimate 64Bit

Is there a way to force windows vista to output HDMI 1080P or 1920X1080 or 1920X1200 (monitor native)? If not then I will have to return my receiver to BB and go back to my 5.1 Dolby Digital Decoder and my cyclone HDMI switch, I don't want to do that.
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There is a program called powerstrip that allows you to change your resolution to custom resolutions. You can download the program and test it for like 30 days before you decide to buy it or not. Google "powerstrip"
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Ahh, I have that program, I used it on an old Geforce card trying to get the porch settings correct to eliminate over scan on my 65 Mitsubishi. Not sure if it will work in vista, I will check the website perhaps they have an update. I am also going to try to re-install vista, or perhaps connect the PC directly to the monitor set the resolution then pull the plug and connect through the Sony and see what happens. I am also going to try using windows XP and see if that helps. I called Sony and they said that there is no limitation in the receiver that restricts the PC signal so it has to be the software. What the heck is wrong with M$, why do they have to piss in everyone's cheerios!?
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Well power strip did not work; it too will not allow me to change to another resolution. I loaded up windows xp and set the resolution to 1920X1200 and all it did was enlarge my desktop! The resolution is still at 640X480 and it just pans the desktop. I plugged my monitor directly into my PC and then switched the cable to the Sony and all I got was a green screen! Can someone tell me how does my PS3 work at 1080P but my PC cannot? I have turned off HDMI up scaling and same thing. I am out of options
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Sounds like your display card is NOT HDCP compliant. Many cards claim to be when inf act they are not.
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AH HA! I bet that's it! That has to be it! It's a hardware limitation set by HDCP in my PC video card. My monitor is HDCP and so is my PS3 or I would not be able to display at 1920X1080 when watching blue ray movies.

To solve this problem I have put my Cyclone HDMI 4 way switch back and connected it to my monitor, PS3 and the Sony (both HDMI and Audio fiber on the Cyclone). I also connect the PC to the Sony via analog 8 channels. I set up the Sony remote to switch the Cyclone HDMI to the right channel, bingo, everyone is happy; Sony has a digital 7.1 decoder, Monitor displays 1920X1200 and 1920X1080 on the PC and PS3.

I will have to try playing a Full HD video on the PC but I do not have a HD or Blue ray player for my PC yet, Ill bet it wont display 1920X1080 shadow boxed to 1920X1200 due to the HDCP limitation but I bet there is a software hack or a hacked player program for that. Otherwise I guess you could decode the data and save it on your hard drive as H264 or what ever that standard is without HDCP encoding.

Thanks for all your help guys,

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You can always change graphics adapters to an HDCP compliant one as well.
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Heh, I'm a gamer; my video card cost me over $600 there is no way I am shelling that kind of cash out again unless it's at least twice as fast as this card, and that is not going to happen any time soon. I will keep it in mind to check if the card is HDCP compliant next time I buy one.
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