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Denon 4800 or Marantz SR-19EX  

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In a recent post, I complained about my current receiver not performing up-to-par, and I'm looking for a replacement.

I am willing to spend up to $1500 on a new receiver, and I'm looking for some advice.

I've read that the 4800 is a fine receiver, with a boat-load of features. Then I've read that compared to the Marantz, the 4800 sounds like a flat wall of sound, and is basically mass-produced carboard as compared to the Marantz.

However, the Marantz SR-19EX has way less features than the Denon. Does it have less USABLE features as well?

Also, does anyone actually HAVE an SR-19EX? I cannot, for the life of me, find any kind of spec sheet or manual on the SR-19EX. I don't even know what DSP modes it has, or how many Video inputs it has! I'm kinda turned on by the 5.1 stereo mode the Denon's have. Does the Marantz have a similar mode?

Do either support the new DPL II? If not, can you upgrade either of them?

Any info/advice greatly appreciated.

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Ask yourself, do you use all the extras that come with the reciever, or do you just use DD, DTS, Direct and maybe 5 channel stereo. If you don't use all the dsp then it doesn't matter which has them.

Most people at this forum tend to shy away from dsp's because they change the way the media was intended to sound. This is why marantz doesn't bother using many dsp's.

I am a big marantz fan but I like the denon 4800 and 5800. They are all good pieces of equipment. For me the deciding factor would be the sound. In a head to head competition with the 4800 and sr19ex, I would go for the marantz. I think the sr19 had a better sound than the 4800, although you may not. It all comes down to what you like.

Don't worry so much about all the extra features. You want quality on the basics. The best equipment in the world is often the equiment with the fewest options for changing the sound.

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