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Motorola QIP6416 DVR and component switcher woes

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Ok I am at my wits end, and I am hopeful someone might be able to give me some advice!

I have a:
Mitsubishi 65" HDTV with one 1080i component input port
Xbox 360 (component output)
HD DVD player (component output)
Motorola QIP6416 HD DVR - Verizon Fios (component output)

Due to the fact that my TV only has one input for 1080i, I had to buy a Psyclone Component switcher to plug in all these devices.

All things work great UNTIL I plug in the DVR. When I do, all other devices using the switcher immediately start so heavily degrade. However, the DVR signal appears to work perfect. When the DVR is unplugged, all other devices return to normal.

So far I have:
Returned the switcher and got a new one in case of it being defective
Moved around all the input devices / cables to rule out bad cabling

I am wondering if there is a problem in which the DVR is emitting some noise to deter would-be hackers recording on the output signal. I just want all my component devices to work through one switcher so that I can have all my HD signals pass through my TV's single HD input. Thoughts?? Could it be a grounding issue?

Thanks for any help!!
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What exactly do you mean by degrade? It certainly could be a grounding issue. I'd assume everything is powered from the same power strip/etc. The one thing that comes to mind is that all the devices you list are "islands" except the DVR. The DVR also has a TV signal input. Perhaps with the DVR connected to the switcher, but the TV input signal disconnected the "degradation" also disappears? If so that would lead me to believe some sort of ground loop problem. If not what makes the DVR (signal) different than the others?
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Yes, all is powered from two APC power strips (one more robust than the other, admittedly.)

As far as degradation goes, I am still able to see the other devices on the screen, but multiple vertical lines mar the picture. It appears to me like the picture I would expect to see if you did not have good reception on an analog TV signal.

You made a very good point about the DVR also having an input signal, while all the other devices do not. I will definitely try to remove the TV input signal from the cable box and see if the signal degradation goes away tonight, and report back.

A good lead! Thanks! I'm on the case
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OK update - I removed the TV input from the Motorola DVR and I am still experiencing the same degradation. I plan to unplug the cable box and plug it in elsewhere to see if it is something to do with that.

So bizarre!!!
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No luck on the new outlet, either. I moved the DVR to another outlet entirely and I still get the same result.
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