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Hi there... I recently bought an Xbox 360, and noticed that the DVDs upscaling that you get from the box look pretty good... and I also own a Motorola 3412 so I was wondering... would it be possible to, for example, press play to get the DVR's HDD to start playing, then press play on the 360 to star playing a DVD, then unplug the SATA cable that goes to the DVR, get the cable that connects the 360's DVD unit to the 360's motherboard, and plug it into the DVR's HDD (thus having the HDD connected to the 360's motherboard)?? The point is to get the DVR's image upscaled by the 360's processor, then displayed to a tv... Also a couple more questions... Does anyone know if the signal I get from the cable co goes through the HDD before it gets displayed?? Is there any risk of damaging the cables and/or devices by pluging/unpluging those cables??? Has anyone thought of a way to use the 360 Video capabilities to upscale from other video sources???