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Originally Posted by Scott_R_K View Post

Thanks Richlo , that's good news . What about the BTB and WTW measurements? What are you seeing and how do you have the PS3 options selected ?

I'm doing RGB out from the PS3 and the Oppo into an HD+ then on up to the PJ.
Working well so far .


Hmmm...Ive been asking this same issue with Bill at Calman in regards to TWISTING and it seems that many of us are confused, a correct twist will not take a 601 to 709 colorspace, then the colors will be off. This has been a hot topic lately, I have ultimately gone back to YCbCr/PbPr..Swing over there and go to adv calibration where we JUST started a thread - its a sticky up on the board there
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As posted in another thread, there is increasing evidence that there will be a firmware update this month to bring the PS3 up to Profile 1.1 or perhaps even Profile 2.0. While the PS3 has the necessary hardware for Profile 2.0 there would also need to be software (firmware) added to enable the interactive web services included in Profile 2.0. If Sony already has this new web interactive software ready, then I suspect they would go ahead and release the firmware update as Profile 2.0, otherwise it will be a Profile 1.1 update with the Profile 2.0 sometime later. My guess is this month's update will be released before Christmas so that when all of those new PS3's received for Christmas are connected up to the web for the first time and the firmware updated it will be for the new profile making them ready for the first movie release with Profile 1.1 features the following week.

Ron Jones
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Further to the above post, as referenced on the other thread linked from there, below is the text from the article in Video Business that relates to upcoming BD movie releases enabled with Profile 1.1 and Profile 2.0 features and the indication it is belived by the studio exec. that the PS3 will be getting the profile updates. Note that the Web enabled features will require Profile 2.0.

DEC. 5 | LOS ANGELES—Lionsgate will bring out the first Web-enabled Blu-ray Disc titles in January, even though hardware that can fully playback BD-Live interactivity has not yet been confirmed.

War and Saw IV, streeting from Lionsgate on Blu-ray and standard-definition DVD on Jan. 1 and Jan. 22, respectively, will carry networking features, confirmed the studio’s senior VP of DVD production, Miguel Casillas, during a panel discussion at Tuesday’s High-Def 2.0 conference here.

Casillas noted that with Saw IV, users will be able to share content through their Blu-ray players’ Web connections, but he did not elaborate further. He did not describe War’s interactivity in detail.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment executive VP of advanced technologies Don Eklund declined to specify titles but said Web-enabled features will represent a major theme in the studio’s 2008 Blu-ray slate.

“We have an aggressive program underway to use network capabilities on our titles next year,” said Eklund.

War and Saw IV will likely become the first networked titles released for Blu-ray. Earlier this year, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment announced Sleeping Beauty and National Treasure would boast this interactivity, but they are not expected until later in 2008.

An onslaught of Web-enabled Blu-ray titles could prove an important weapon in the format war, as the HD DVD camp has touted its own networking abilities as a key advantage over Blu-ray. As Web connection comes standard in all HD DVD players, a number of titles on that format already offer networking interactivity, including the industry’s first e-commerce feature on Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s HD DVD release of Evan Almighty.

Studio executive panelists as well as manufacturers speaking at the conference acknowledged the current absence of BD-Live players. Yet, Eklund said Sony and other studios anticipate that the PlayStation 3 will soon become one such player, likely through firmware updates, as the console already allows users to download game-related content.

Eklund added that firmware should be released for the PS3 this month that would upgrade the console to fully playback picture-in-picture interactivity, another type of high-def bonus feature that is popular in HD DVD titles but not yet available with Blu-ray titles due to few compatible players.

“It’s the studio’s assumption” that PS3 will be a BD-Live player, said Eklund.

Overall, Blu-ray will remain an important part of the studio’s product pipeline in 2008.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Disney will increase the number of releases in the format next year.

“We’re going to be extending our day-and-date releases and finding appropriate catalog titles,” said Simon Swart, executive VP and general manager North America at Fox. He added that the studio wants “to see what this format can do that really blows DVD away.”

Disney general manager North America Lori MacPherson added, “We want to keep offering a step beyond what people have seen.”
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This too just in...


V2.10 firmware possible as early as Tuesday 12/18/07 . No word on DTS-MA .

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