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Free programmable scrolling LED sign

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Best buy has a cool new gift card that contains a built in programmable scrolling LED display. Its the size of a standard gift card but a little bit thicker. The display is about 7 characters wide and can hold up to 6 unique message of 256 characters each. The scroll speed and LED intensity can also be adjusted. It uses a single 3 volt flat button type battery that is easily replaced. There are probably a million different things you could do with them in a theater room. I couple ideas i had off the top og my head: price display in candy counter, cooming soon or now playing message on poster frame, watch your step message on your riser, welcome the the XXX theater signage near your door, etc. I'm sure the creative folks on this forum will think of many other novel uses. So if you were planning on buying anything at best buy stop at the customer service desk first, pick up a few of these gift cards and put a few dollars on each then just use them to buy whatever you were gonna buy with them then keep the cards.
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Sounds cool...Any pics???
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Here's a link to a long thread about it at fatwallet.
Some people describe techniques they've tried to remove the best buy logo from the face plate and posted some pics.


someone also made a youtube video if it in action.

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I'm going to check my local BB for these. Maybe program a "coming soon" sign.
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Excellent...Thanks for the links...Looks promising...
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awesome toy!
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I picked up 4 of them and can confirm denatured Alcohol will remove the bestbuy logo and such with ease. Even Ever clear will work if that all you have, none of my other solvents worked at all.

I also took one apart, these card might have cost BB about 80-90 cents to make.

They encapsulated the Processor so I cant see what it is but it a neat card.
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I found a website http://www.affordableled.com/scrolling-sign.html a reputable LED manufacturer and a leading LED manufacturer based in Southern California Supplying quality outdoor and indoor signage to regional sign companies and sign shops. The products are very durable and bright LED signs.
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Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have any of these BB gift cards still lying around? Wanted to use a couple for a project...
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I do, actually... Batteries are almost shot, so brightness, etc. is pretty weak.
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