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Excellent point!
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I'm not real sure, but I think MONOPRICE wink.gif just might be the way to go rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gifsmile.gifbiggrin.gifcool.gif
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With 19 thin metal contacts, HDMI cables aren't designed to be multiple-insertion cables.

OK...be sure to let everyone know this.
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Monoprice seem to be the most recommended seller in the US. They have high speed HDMI with ethernet, otherwise knows as HDMI 1.4, cables for very cheap and they are good quality. You could also try ebay, everything tends to be a lot cheaper on ebay as its more competitive. If you are in Australia I would recommend ProAudioVIsual. They sell a 1m HDMI cable for around $5 including post. Just make sure you dont purchase a HDMI cable from one of the major retailers. They will often try and sell you an overpriced branded HDMI cable like Monster. Hope this helps.
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Just to clarify a bit...Version numbers should never be used with HDMI cables. There is no such thing as an HDMI 1.4 cable.


HDMI Org owns the trademarks, copyrights, patents and specifications for HDMI. So they should know.

The HDMI 1.4 specification included much more than just HDMI with Ethernet. However, that doesn't matter since there are only two types of HDMI cables - High Speed and Standard Speed. Each type has a number of options, including "with Ethernet". The humorous part is that no manufacturer that I know of has yet to release piece of equipment that uses the HDMI with Ethernet capability. Just because a device has HDMI and allows Ethernet to be input, doesn't mean that the devices uses HDMI with Ethernet and, in fact, none do.

So what you are looking for is a certified High Speed HDMI cable. If you want to include the "with Ethernet" option that's fine too. However, if you find someone who is selling an HDMI 1.4 cable, you should probably look elsewhere since that type of branding/advertising is forbidden by the HDMI Org and might be a counterfeit cable. eBay seems to be full of counterfeit HDMI cables which claim to be High Speed but are actually just Standard Speed cable with a version number slapped on top.
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A couple of years ago I discovered Monoprice, and I'm GLAD I DID!! Best place to order your cables, hands down.They ship fast, and their products work flawlessly. I must shamefully admit that I was one of the sheeple that used to believe the more $$ you spent on a cable, the better the quality. until I was enlightened on the subject (due in no small part to this very forum) . DONT BELIEVE THE MARKETING HYPE!!

On a side note: I recently purchased a new LCD TV and the sales associate immediately started in on the "Do you have the proper quality cables for a high-end TV like this". I said "Yeah...they're called HDMI". Of course this initiated his pre-programmed retort about how I need "Monster- zippity-do-dah, ultimate-lah-de-da's", claiming that [paraphrasing] anything less will give me substandard picture quality. He even tried to sell me a Monster optical cable for my Bose soundbar until I pointed out to HIM that Bose includes one in the box!! The 4m Monster cable he tried to sell me was priced over $100!! I'm not sure if he's simply ignorant, or if he was looking to increase his commision...but its a CRIME against the consumer that salespeople are allowed to feed the consumer BLATANTLY FALSE INFORMATION regarding these products.

In case you missed it...MONOPRICE.COM
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^^^^^ BlueJeans and MediaBridge are also good places to buy certified High Speed cables. I use MediaBridge and have been very happy with the price and quality.
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monoprice.com +1,000,000
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^^^^^ cute rolleyes.gif
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whats the best 35ft cable that Monoprice has? What does everyone use for the long run from pj to AVR? thanks in advance..
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Passive high speed hdmi is only certified to 25', so at 35' you may have issues depending on what you are trying to do. I'd recommend looking into a Redmere cable. They are active cables in the sense that they draw a little bit of power from the sync end (the tv) which allows them to be used at longer distances and still maintain the high speed protocols. They are also thinner than "regular" HDMI cables and much more flexible.
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I have used 50' from them with no problems at all. They're good about returns if there is any problem.
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What's the best Monoprice SKU for an HDMI Cable to my 4K TV?
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Any Certified Passive High Speed HDMI cable from Monoprice will do. If you need to go longer than 25', you might want to consider a Redmere cable because you might have issues if your cable run is longer than 25'.
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