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Sub in the $2,000 range

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I'm putting a system together for a room about 20X15 and 8' ceilings. The speakers will be 5.1 setup in-ceiling. Those are still TBD so if anyone has some ideas please let me know. Anyway, back on the sub (since this is the sub section). It will be used for movies but I really want the system to rock for music. My initial desires are for a JL Audio Fathom. I replaced my subs in my boat with JL Audio's and they made an unbelievable difference. The original subs were a waste of money compared to the JL's. I'm concerned that I will find the same with the home setup so I may reach up in price to get the JL's.

I have read many of the previous threads and there are alot of speakers that I have never heard of before. Most of you have much more experience in the audio world then me so I'm relying on the collective brains of the forum.

I want my music loud and I want to feel the bass drum.

Whats it going to take?
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Check out the eD A7-900 or the big Epiks.
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Check out the eD A7-900 or the big Epiks.

Good recommendations but we should probably ask what his size requirements are first =).
Epik tower/conquest are very capable in output and SQ and will cost less than 2000 easily. However the conquest is quite large in comparison to the jl f113 sub you want. For your price range you might consider the svs pb13 ultra as its got some really good reviews on these forums and its within your price range.. This sub should be pretty comparable to the epik tower in output and sound quality, but if you check craigsubs subwoofer thread you should find a bit a lot more information when he gets to testing the epik tower probably around next week.

Then there are some other choices from elementalDesigns like the a5-350 or one of the new 18" offerings but i can't remember the model number and last time i checked they werent even on the website..

But WAF (wife acceptance factor) and size may be a negative factor for these non JL subs.. The jl is currently the market winner at its size I believe.. Its just very costly.
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I think I will have to place the sub under the TV and front firing. Is that a no-no for sub placement? Should I go for a down firing or a 3 speaker sub like the MartinLogan?
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Go on ebay and type in TC Sounds and you'll find my DIY system. Throw a $290 Behringeer EP2500 on it and you can forget about the JL Fathom and just about any other commercial option. The unit from ED though is also a good choice, but will cost you alot more then my DIY option. Good luck either way you go.
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Why not find a good Audio pro? Pay him $500 consulting fee. I sure he could find you a $1500 sub [or less]and help with placement and calibration(which is = as important) and save you alot of time & head scraching. and go boating...........
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