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Noob needs guidence with surround sound bars regarding my setup

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So i searched around for a little bit and noticed that it seems that most like the YSP line by Yamaha when it comes to sound bars. I didn't find anything pertaining to my questions, so I'm posting this up to see if you guys can give me some pointers. I'm using this theater room for movies and gaming.

First my setup.

Samsung 46" LNT4665F (on the way from frys, only $1799 )
Xbox 360 Elite
Hd-DVD Addon on for Xbox 360
Playstation 3
Nintendo Wii
Gaming PC(7800Gt and native digital out for audio)
Logitech Harmony 550 Remote Control(on xmas list, stupid ps3 with no IR port)

Second the environment.

Basement with drywall wall and wood flooring.
13' x 12'(pretty much square)
.=open space

3rd Budget.
I want to stay in the ball park of $600 - $1000 total for my complete audio setup. This is a small room, so I don't think I will need to much power, nor would I want it as this is a town home. If it is just north of $1000 that is ok(especially if I need a receiver). Looking for the best bang for the buck without getting into running cables on a traditional surround setup.


1. I want to stick with a sound bar setup. What do you recommend given that I want all of these components played through the soundbar?
2. Would I need a receiver to connect all of the game systems as well? What do you recommend?

Thankya much.
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I just ordered the YSP-1100 which can be had for nice clearance prices right now.

My 2 cents is that you do not need to run the video for all of these sources through the Yamaha (or reciever). That's one reason I picked the 1100, I'm not going to try to solve all my connectivity problems with it. Video goes to the flat screen, audio goes to the soundbar. And if necessary, I may even route some audio to the flatscreen and then output it to the soundbar. I think the answer is that there's not a single solution. Depends on whether you are sensitive to having to use too many remotes, etc.
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Oh, and by the way, I understand that you will need to pull the couch out away from the backwall a little to allow some space for surround reflections. Otherwise it looks like a good space for the YSP application.
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Thanks for the info. I checked out amazon and noticed that they have the YSP-1100bl.

Is there any difference between the YSP-1100 and the YSP-1100BL's?
Where is a good place to pick up a YSP-1100 for cheap?
If I can't find one, is there any other option that is shy of the YSP-1100BL price of $1300(amazon.com)?
With the YSP-1100 do you still recommend a sub?

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I think a sub is essential. For pricing I'd either use a bot like nextag or calibex, or if you search ebay you will find a bunch of new units on clearance. $1300 is $300 to $500 too much. You could get one of the ebay units and a sub for $1000 plus a little.

I'd have to do some searching to say for sure, but you may find that 1100BL simply means the black one as opposed to the silver one.
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