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Dish HD Receiver ViP222 Possible Problem Question

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I tried reading through some threads so sorry if this has already been posted. I just had Dish come out yesterday and install a HD 222 receiver to the new Panasonic TC-32LX700 LCD TV I bought. I'm noticing on some SD channels that have the black bars on the side that the right black bar has a an approximately 1/4" lighter black type of vertical bar that runs beside the picture before the black bar starts. This doesn't occur on every SD channel. Some have the normal black bars with no problems while quite a few SD feeds has this thinner lighter black bar on the right (beside the picture) before the rest of the appears black. This is annoying and wonder if there's a problem with the receiver. I tried turning off the recevier and changing out to a different component cable with no help. I don't believe it's the tv or the cable since it doesn't occur on every SD channel. I have to order an HDMI cable yet which I plan on doing. I'm not sure if this would clear up through the receiver by routing the signal through a different path.

Any input on this would be appreciated. I haven't tried doing a hard reboot of the receiver yet but will tonight.

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No suggestions or problems similar to the side bars seen by anyone using the ViP 222 receiver??? This one has been out for a while so figured someone would have some input.
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I have seen that "different" vertical line on the right side on some channels, but on my sets it looks blue more than black. It is not on all SD channels, but it is prevalent on channels such as USA (105) and ESPN news (142). I had a tech out a few years ago (read it's been there a long time) and he called in to this techies to ask about this. He was told that E* passes these channels natively (although that might not be the case today) and there was nothing that could be done. Whether or not this was BS will never be known. What I do know it the "line" is still there on channels such as 105.
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Wow, i have that same problem as well
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Thanks for the feedback and sorry I didn't check this for a while. I did realize that this bar GOES away when I change my Panasonic TC-32LX700 aspect ratio from FULL to 4x3 viewing (can't think of the name). It barely reduces the picture width and covers up the affect on the right bar. Even so, I find myself leaving it at FULL since it needs to be there when viewing HD channels. It is too much of a pain to switch back and forth and the right bar isn't that bad, just me being picky after Dish Network upgraded the receiver since I wanted to contact them if a problem existed especially before the warranty period.
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