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Originally Posted by ClemsonKev View Post

Macrovision is "still working on restoring TVGOS in SC via PBS"...

I give up! My Sony is now for sale. 500gb of HD DVR via cable, cable card, QAM and OTA antenna.

If you want it, just email me at clemsonkev at yahoo dot com and make a fair offer. You can also search to find it listed under clemsonkev at ebay.

I'm sticking with MS Media Center and streaming to the xbox.

I can feel your frustration, but don't give up your unit just yet. The moment it's gone, is the moment guide service will return, then you'll be kicking yourself all over again. Wait till the official June 12 analog cut off and see what Macrovision can do to twist your cable company's arm to get it working in your area. .
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Originally Posted by Westly-C View Post

I can feel your frustration, but don't give up your unit just yet. The moment it's gone, is the moment guide service will return, then you'll be kicking yourself all over again. Wait till the official June 12 analog cut off and see what Macrovision can do to twist your cable company's arm to get it working in your area. .

SCETV (PBS) is supposed to be carrying the digital TVGOS in South Carolina at some point. My last e-mail to an engineer at SCETV was about a month ago and he e-mailed then that it would be within 60 days. I have sent him another e-mail. I finally bought the DTV Pal + for my LG HDTV that only came with 8.01.29 TVGOS. So far, I do not have any data but I am hopeful once the digital host comes on line, I will be able to receive the guide again. I will let you know if the engineer responds to my e-mail.
Much better response than LG gave me.

Sandy Run, S.C.
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Great Forum,

I have tvguide on 2 of my (2005) HDtv's. Both have quit receiving updates, However I have a DTVPAL DVR and it is receiving the update just fine. If you do a channel scan and remove the channel from memory that guide is on does this eliminate the updates? How do you know what channel it is on? I believe it is listed to be on channel 11, However this channel is on my channel list. I'm in Dallas Using OTA.

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First are you talking about OTA or Cable and are you using digital or analog TVGOS? Most anything other than TVs of this and maybe last year use analog TVGOS.
AFAIK even though you may have removed the TVGOS host channel from your channel list your device should still be able to download guide info from it.
AFA what channel is broadcasting TVGOS in your area, generally it's CBS or in some markets PBS or others. Cable operators can put TVGOS on any channel they wish and according to some members they tend to move it around for what ever reason.
Probably your best info as to which channel carries TVGOS in your specific area would be to visit This thread. From the OP I'm not sure if it covers cable but I didn't see a specific cable thread for Dallas.
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Is there someone in the Phoenix area who could give me some instructions on how to (re)configure my Sony DHG-HDD500 to receive TVGOS listings again? I understand that our local PBS station (I'm assuming channel 8.1) is providing the data, and I've tried to configure my DVR to receive it, but no luck. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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TVGOS data should be coming from KAET 8.1 as shown here http://www.rabbitears.info/market.ph...n=2728#station
I don't know if you know how to run the G-test on your 500 or whether you have updated to the latest firmware. You should check out the forums dealing with your 500. http://www.spiffspace.com/forum/inde...556eec73cd3b4&
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I reported earlier (Post #280) that TVGOS failed on my Panasonic EH-55 last March & came back up in early April, in Davis, CA, Comcast. This update is to tell that it went down again, no listings but with grid, about 6/20/09. Per advice from Panasonic (indeed, a refusal to assist me any further unless I first did this step) I reset the machine, but not without first writing down my search list & channel lineup. This had little effect other than to lose the channel lineup as well as the listings. Never found a host channel.

Just came back home from three weeks on vacation & checked status. Same deal. But before I called Panasonic or Comcast again, I did some reseach to see if there were any new developments. Macrovision has changed its name to "Rovi" or Rovicorp.com. On their website they have a page for the status of various means of getting input to an analog (NTSC) device with respect to the digital transition after June 12, 2009. (http://www.rovicorp.com/dtv/10053.htm). There is a new cable standard "SCTE-127" relating to the content of the VBI, which used to include closed captioning and the TVGOS data, but no longer exists in digital transmissions. Since my analog cable service is providing closed captions just fine, that sounded hopeful.

I selected "Cable-Ready (no cable box)" which said SCTE-127 requires the cable company to support TVGOS over the analog cable. I selected "learn more" and was switched to another page (http://digitaltransition.macrovision.com/digtrans.aspx) that allowed me to input my zip code, and got an instant reply that they have confirmed with Comcast-Davis that I should receive TV Guide/Guide Plus+ after the transition, and if I didn't get it, to contact the cable company. Armed with all this information, I felt prepared to confront Comcast.

Not wanting to look like a fool, I decided to reboot the EH-55 once again before calling. I held down the Channel up/down buttons for the requisite 10 seconds and went through all the setup screens as though the machine was new. I turned it off for 2 days and was pleased and amazed to see the TVGOS grid back fully populated with channels and the listings mostly complete! So there is hope that the digital transition has not crippled our "legacy" DVRs for good.

Checked the host & vbi data per the 753159852 code:
Host State: 0x80 (same as before most recent loss of TVGOS)
Host ID: 0x13 (same as before most recent loss of TVGOS)
Host Chan: 0:0-13 (CBS; used to be 006 PBS/KVIE)
VBI Chan: 0:0-13 (CBS; used to be 006 PBS/KVIE)
OTA Lineup: 0x0
CRLineup: 0x132C

Hope this helps anyone else having similar problems.
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I have the DMR-E75VS and Charter cable, and received TVGOS solidly until July 2009, when it failed to get listings. I tried the firmware updates and system resets, and further lost the entire channel line up. My unit would never finish setup, still trying to search for channels and programming. But I noticed my TV with a digital tuner was able to pick up local digital signals coming through the cable.

I tried a long shot and borrowed a digital converter box intended for broadcast tv. I set it up, and left it turned off -- also left the DVR set at Cable without a Box. It worked!! When I turned on my DVR later the next day, it stated it had found more than one signal service provider, so I selected Charter Cable and went through a couple of steps to verify setup, and my channel lineup was back, and the TVGOS programming schedule. Hooray!!!!!!!
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Do you mean that you feed the Charter cable signal into the converter box? The coupon-eligible converter boxes are required to accept only OTA digital signals (ATSC), and are forbidden to accept digital cable (QAM) signals.

Which converter box was it?
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Originally Posted by drm2295 View Post


TVGOS data should be coming from KAET 8.1 as shown here http://www.rabbitears.info/market.ph...n=2728#station
I don't know if you know how to run the G-test on your 500 or whether you have updated to the latest firmware. You should check out the forums dealing with your 500. http://www.spiffspace.com/forum/inde...556eec73cd3b4&


I updated the firmware not too long ago (I'm now running version 1.2.21). I ran the G* Factory Test again to refresh my memory on what I'm getting, and found that the VBI test fails. It shows no VBI packets received. In thinking about it, this isn't overly surprising, since the VBI is an aspect of analog television. Unfortunately, all this leaves me with the question of how and where I'm supposed to get my TVGOS data. KAET 8.1 is (supposedly) transmitting the data, but my inquiries to them for assistance in receiving it have been met with silence. Thanks for the forum links. I'll do some more reading and see what I can find. In the meantime, I'm open to any other ideas or suggestions.
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We'll have to be patient in Atlanta due to a conflict with WGCL TVGOS transmission and Apex converter boxes. According to the director of engineering...

"We have disabled TVGOS AGAIN due to another problem. This time we discovered the feed was disrupting our signal on APEX converter boxes. These are the ones sold at Best Buy.

The folks at TV Guide are working on it. Until they correct we will not air the signal.

Steve Flanagan

(404) 327-3162 Office"
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TVGOS listing just re-appeared on Cox Orange County, CA

Now I can use my DVRs again
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Charter cable (San Gabriel Valley) came back a month ago and lasted a good two weeks, then it disappeared. To this day, my EH55 just keeps on searching and searching. I've rebooted the unit three times but doesn't seem to be of any help.
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I am trying to test if my CBS station is sending the ATSC-TVGOS signal. TV not showing any information after two nights. One of the dianostic windows of TVGOS show Tx Num Pkts and Tx Num Bytes and both numbers are increasing overtime.

Is the TV getting the TVGOS signal?

Toshiba 57H94
TVGOS version 08.01.27
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I would guess that the firmware version your TV has is not allowing you to pick up the digital TVGOS. Probably only worked with the analog one.

I could be wrong, but as far as I know, the only device with version 8 TVGOS (which is what your TV has - the "8" at the beginning of the number is the version) that works with the digital signal is the Sony DHG-HDD 500/250 DVR.

There is a TVGOS thread somewhere in the rear-projection TV forum here. Try finding that and asking over there. If I recall correctly, there is a lot of talk about the Toshiba RP models in particular.
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Thanks. I think the TV is doing something because it found the host channel and setup the correct date in the diagnostic window only not in the TV guide.
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Just sent this into TVGOS. I should alse note there is next to no activity in the vertical interval on the TV Guide channel, which is probably at the heart of the problem.

I use TVGOS with my Panasonic EH-55 that uses TVGOS. Normally it goes to ch.51 (TV Guide channel) But I noticed yesterday morning (Monday the 26th) it appears lost. It seems that since very early Monday morning it has been searching for the data it normally gets on ch.51. It keeps cycling thru the channels while it is turned off but never "finds" ch51 wich tells me there might be a problem with TBGOS. There was such a problem a year ago in Feb & March 2009

I get digital cable with a box from TIme-Warner NYC - Manhattan South


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I'm pretty sure that our lack of TVGOS updates is because Rovi isn't broadcasting them. I have been getting analog TVGOS right along (with the occasional hiccup where there's no broadcast for a while) on DirecTV until a couple of weeks ago (my "LastDLStrt" is 4/21/10). From what I've read on this and other forums, everyone who's having problems has a different TVGOS provider, so what do all of us have in common? It's Rovi.

I have emailed Rovi asking about this latest outage. They have responded multiple times in the past, so I do expect an answer, but it generally takes at least a couple of weeks to hear back.

In my particular case, I have a Panasonic EH55 connected to DirecTV. DTV has used channel 237 (TV Guide Channel) to broadcast TVGOS right along for at least the past few years, but I'm currently seeing nothing but the time signal -- no Host Channel. The EH55 has TVGOS V9, so if there was either an analog or digital signal coming through I'd expect to see some kind of activity.
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HELP! I have two Sony TVs KDL-V4100 (running TVGOS Version 9) and KDL-EX700(running TVGOS Version 10). The EX700 has all the line up and data while the V4100 has the lineup while "No Listing" for all the channels. This happened after Comcast changed from Analog to Digital cable and most channels are now accessible through QAM. Is there a way to upgrade TVGOS from Version 9 to Version 10 or is there a way to get all the listings on Version 9?

The TVs are plugged directly to the wall and V4100 shows 1:122 for host but there is nothing on 122. EX700 shows 3 4-1 for host and ChannelId 76
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Since TW has ended the TV Guide data feed on one of its cable box channels, I have to look to the remaining analog version of the TV Guide channel to supply the TV Guide data for the schedule lineup.

The idea is to split the RF so that it goes to both Panasonic eh55 direct and to the cable box. This config enables the unit to get it's TVGOS data from direct RF In (analog ch18). For those of you out there who do this split and then choosing both cable with & without box during the initial set-up, I seek your help.

As I understand it, the goal is do my watching, channel surfing and recording working with the many channels available via the cable box which feeds the (video) IN3 *but* have the eh55 look to the RF In for the TV Guide data feed only. The long description below shows I've hit a wall where any success with this "division of labor" is fleeting.

I set-up my eh55 on Monday for "dual input" (cable with & without box) and got a schedule the next day after leaving the unit off for 24 hours. Unless there is a weird coincidence with the TVGOS data konking out again, it seems there is a flaw in my modus operandi. This weeks problem is similar to the one I encountered the first time I set up this "dual input" config. In summary it seems I did the right thing following a full reset (starting with "English" "4:3 TV" etc). But I suspect that once the eh55 first successfully loaded some schedule data and then prompted to know which of many schedule "lineup" options to use... I gave it the wrong answer because it seems from that point on, its stopped downloading or delivering schedule data.

After the initial set-up and left it off for a day, I got the "In Progress" screen, indicating the eh55 had found and was downloading data, presumably from analog TVG ch18. After an overnight shut-off, I was presented with this screen on Tues morn...

"TV Guide On Screen found more than one *cable ready* channel lineup in your area. To receive correct program listings you must select one of the following lineups. Please consult your cable provider if you are unsure which lineup to choose."

Note the asterisks because this was the first of two such screens with the same language but the 2nd nearly identical one says "... found more than one *cable box* channel lineup in your area."

Two such prompt screens would seem normal given my "dual input" config.

I gave it the appropriate answers but it seems the resulting problems relate to the unit's confusion (and my confusion) as to the data coming from one input (RF in - aka cable-without-box) and everything else I'd use (lineup, what I'm navigating to with remote, viewing & recording.. coming from (video) IN3 "cable-with-box" My shorthand for this concept is "division of labor"

One last thing seems to confirm this confused state. When the eh55 was left off at the beginning of the week I was able to monitor the output of the cable box, there was no channel changing evident which would seem to confirm that the hunt for TV Guide data was happening on the direct RF In side of things (presumably analog ch18). Following the fruitless overnight last night when the unit was left off, this morning I found the cable box tuned to TV Guide ch 157. This is a surprise for 2 reasons, one T-W Cable allegedly isn't supporting TVGOS data on this channel *and* I thought from the way the week began that the eh55 was successfully set to look to the RF In (not video IN3!) for data. This is pure torture, thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


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Originally Posted by kevin1020 View Post


I have wide open west cable in the chicago land area and subscribe to basic cable. I do not have any cable boxes, just direct coax from the wall. I have been getting TVGOS with my Panasonic TV and also on a Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-E85H for years just fine but for the last couple of weeks, I have not been getting anything ("No Listing") on all the channels on both the TV and the DVD recorder.

I was able to get into the TV's TVGOS setup with the magic 753159852 number and for the Host Channel, it shows NONE. In it's progress, it cannot even obtain the time (probably because the host channel is not specified).

Is any other wide open west subscribers in the Chicago land area experiencing this? I don't want to call their support since I know when I refer to TVGOS, I'm going to get confused silence followed by an offer to send someone out to my house to look at it because the problem is always on my end.



Thanks I did what you said and was able to get into the menu but where it is says host id its blank so I have no idea what station was providing the guide service in Jacksonville Fl my zip is 32217 but the guide wouldn't work with that zip so I put in 32257 and the guide would load up after 24hrs I have tried changing the zip and even doing a hard reset on the tv but nothing works somebody please help you can write to me directly at shnozzsauges@gmail.com thanks.
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Up until about a year ago, PBS in my area was doing the TVGOS updates. Then they quit. CBS took over, but my Toshiba DVR (which has TVGOS) would not receive the updates over the cable. After about four calls and subsequent changes to my DVR by the Technical Service people at Toshiba, everything started working properly again. Toshiba is out of the DVR business now and they do not support old systems like mine (analog only). If you call them with a compliant about any system that they no longer support, they will say so and that is that.
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About 2 weeks ago, the TVGOS feed stopped on my Panasonic DMR-EH50. Signal is from Comcast (basic digital cable) in Seattle, WA, feeds in through a Motorola DCH70 DTV converter box, then into the Panasonic DMR-EH50. Starting in late August, "No listing" appeared for all channels, so I did a reset (up/down buttons pressed for 5 seconds), then went through the setup process, let it sit overnight. Nothing. "The search for data has failed". Tried many times. Macrovision/Rovi website claims that both digital and analog is available here (updated 9/1).

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.
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SCETV has advised me that they are no longer transmitting the TVGOS data for the Columbia, Sumter, Conway and Florence, South Carolina area. Rovi is the owner of TVGOS, I will try to contact them if I can get through. All listing data is gone.

Sandy Run, S.C.
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Hey Everyone!

Woke up Sat. Morning, Wife said the TV came on by itself. Yeah, Ok, I have it set to automatically turn on at 6am and turn to channel 5 during the week, which its been doing without the channel guide.

No she said... It's on Channel 2!... HUG!

Once more, she hit the Guide Button and WALLA, our channels started to Appear Again!

By Sunday Morning, the Channel Guide had completely caught up. Unbelievable considering it hasn't been there for over, I'm guessing 18 months.

And to think I was just about to contact TV Guide and start kicking up some dust (yeah I no its late in the game, but hey)

The only website info I was able to scoop up from moving around within the menus, was the www.tvgos.com, which I believe is no longer, either that or http://www.rovicorp.com/ has taken over.

And here's a little more info. In the past when going through the channel guide, anything over 125 was somewhat hidden, ghosted. Well, as I've been going through and re-aligning the channel guide (don't understand why its not in order yet), I start scrolling down past 125 and I'm seeing all these other channels like HBO, TNT, Discovery, etc.

When entering in on one of them, its actual assigned channel number is missing, but the rest of the channel info is there.

Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I thought at one time just 6 or so months after digital broke out, that there was rumor that some of the higher channels are OTA as well, you just need to know how to assign them.

I tried to enter in a larger number such as 230, but the channel field would not let me go that high

Now I'm wondering if there's some hidden menu within the channel listing that can modify settings?

Tech Info
Location: Los Angeles , CA. PST
Connection: Antenna OTA
Unit: LG 42 Plasma (about 4-5 Years old (one of the rare ones that has PIP in it)
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^^Wow, how nice. I use Charter cable and wondered if TV Guide would one day re-appear. Haven't seen it since 2009.
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My guide quit updating around the end of January. I’ve tried everything I know for the last 2 months trying to get the guide to update. On April 1, 2013 I sent an email to the local PBS station that has been sending TVGOS information for the last several years to find out if they were still broadcasting the guide data. Below is the answer I received from the deputy director:

Dear Calvin,

Thanks for your note to OETA. OETA used to lease a small part of our spectrum for the TVGOS clock and tv guide information. The company that provided this service cancelled their leases with all stations and they are no longer offering the service over the air anywhere. The TV Guide or TV Go Service has been discontinued by the company who has provided it for many years. A new company purchased the original organization and the new company (ROVI Corp) has discontinued their lease with PBS stations to provide this data service. The service will not be provide to off air viewers in any market according to ROVI Corp. representatives. They said the service will be provided to internet subscribers and some cable systems and only to NEW TV sets which will receive their NEW service will be able to have ability. You can go to the ROVI Corp. website and see what they offer. I heard they would be providing an on-line service.

Sorry that you can no longer get this service. Since PBS stations just leased space on their frequencies for this service and this company has shut off the data we can no longer offer you the service. It was not a decision by PBS or OETA to discontinue the service but was a decision by the company who provided the service to viewers under the name of TV Guide or TV GO.

Mark Norman
Deputy Director
Oklahoma Educational Television Authority
7403 N. Kelley Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73113-4190
405-841-9246 Office

My Sony DHG-HDD250 still works as a receiver and will do manual recordings, but without a guide or a clock that shows the correct time, it will no longer do timed recordings.
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Originally Posted by flyinghost View Post

My Sony DHG-HDD250 still works as a receiver and will do manual recordings, but without a guide or a clock that shows the correct time, it will no longer do timed recordings.


See this post and work backwards to read how other people are coping, semi-successfully, with this problem?

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I have 2 hdd250s. One is off most of the time. The other is on all the time. The one that is on all the time has the correct time and date. When I plugged in the one that is off all the time, after April 1, 2013, the clock was incorrect. I researched and found this site which recommended several options, none which are perfect and none which set the correct time and date.

The procedure I used was just plug the unit into power wait until it competes post then press the power on button which brings up 00:00 as time and in a few minutes displays the last known time the dvr has saved.

[COLOR=blue]What I discovered yesterday was instead of pressing the power on button on the front panel after the unit is plugged into power and it resets, do nothing. Wait 5 hrs. My clock magically appeared with correct time and date. I did this twice over 2 days, but times it worked.

Please try this and post a response.

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Originally Posted by KARCHIN View Post

Please try this and post a response.
You are in the wrong forum. Go here and read the last couple hundred posts to bring yourself up to speed.
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