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Help!what am I doing wrong PQ not what I expected

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I wasn't sure where to post this but here goes.
I recently purchased a samsung fpt-5084 plasma and while I am impressed with the current picture I am getting (upgraded from a dell 4200hd plasma) my hd-dvds and blu-rays don't seem to have the same "hd-pop" that I have seen in stores.Compared to the 58" samsung plasma and the 46" samsung lcd. I ran the same movies as reference titles and they seemed to be better at circuit city.My unbiased 7 year old says " it just doesn't look as real"

my set-up
samsung fpt-5084
onkyo txsr605
toshiba hd-a3
all hooked up with hdmi

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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What are your settings? Increase your picture brightness. See if this helps.

You may be an LCD guy. Sometimes on how much we recommend plasma over LCD you may fall into the LCD category. Just a thought...

Plasma in general have a laid back look in comparison to LCDs. If you are looking for bright "picture pop" a Samsung 71 or 81 series will do the trick!

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Thanks for the response,
Brightness is down and contrast is up.
I agree that the lcd's I looked at seemed brighter but comparing transformers between my set and the 58" sammy with the same specs mine seems to lack the "3d look" or "pop".

I will try boosting up the brightness and see how it looks.
Thanks again
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Boosted the brightness up a bit, seemed to help a little but more or less flatened the blacks.
Any other suggestions?
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found in the ZippyBong Hits thread for starters. This should improve the PQ. Give the settings a few days use before changing. Then tweak them to personal taste. If the panel is new accumulate 100-200 hours before final tweaking. Settings are not global and need to be applied to each input.
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Do you have any proper reference material for calibrating your display? AVIA, DVE?

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The best I have is the thx optimizer and my poor eyesight.

I checked some of the other threads and tried some of the suggestions but they just aren't what I expected.
(I have yet to try zippys settings yet)

Thanks to everyone for the help
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I don't want to say you bought the wrong plasma, but you bought the wrong plasma.
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Can you please elaborate as to why?
I thought I did my homework on this one, and I got a pretty good deal with a price match and rebates.

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you're not comparing your plasma to the newer 120hz sets are you?
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Finds someone else's settings on the forum with the same plasma and input those in your set. People list their setttings here all the time and you will find some settings are very good. Since you're not professionally calibrating your plasma, this would be a logical next step.
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I am comparing mine to the 5884 I have seen at c-city (both running transformers hd)


I set my set with c-nets dark room settings ( the picture is great ) but I am refering to the " 3d effect" or "pop" that I have seen on the 5884.Both sets have the same specs and both running the same movie. If I have to get the set professionally calibrated so be it.I was just looking for some help if it was just me doing something wrong.

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Maybe the issue has to do with the output settings on your HD DVD player (or the player itself)? Is there anything you can tweak in there?

Alternatively, how does your PQ look via Blueray on your PS3 by comparison? I recognize that you'll have to select a different title, but maybe the pop you're missing is due to the source?

Also - what's the lighting like in your room?
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How many hours do you have?
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Are you running video through the 605? If so that may be part of it. In all the reviews I have read on the 605 they mention the loss of detail. Try bypassing the receiver and compare.
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I have seen night at the museum run in blu-ray which had "pop" but that was on an lcd sammy 4761 I think and the same movie running on my set did not.
Just a couple of tweaks on both players (rgb enhancement,resolution) and as for lighting there is some direct lighting during the day but I can draw the blinds to darken the room.
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about 100

Yes,and I have tried bypassing the 605 in a blu-ray test (no better) but have yet to try hd-dvd test.

Thanks guys/gals for the input sofar it's just frustrating (law of diminishing returns I guess)
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Try this

Not a permanent solution as it's a different model, but it might help you see it 'pop'.
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Just tried your suggestion with transformers and it definately looks better than c-nets dark room settings.I have been reading in the forums that the display gets better as more hours are put on it.

Could this be an issue?
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I have about the same hours as you. It seems to get better as the hours go by.

So far my best source is the Music HD channel and local news channels in HD. They all really have that 'looking out a window' look to them.

I just got my HD-A3 yesterday so I am still playing around with it.

I need to get Transformers, heard it's a great HD-DVD.
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Transformers is awesome,I would have to agree that most of my hd channels look great especially football and tnt hd (comcast digital cable) the "looking out the window" comment is really what I have been trying to achieve but couldn't describe it right. I think I will let your settings ride for awhile and tweak a little later.

Thanks for the help and have a great turkey day.
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I bet the demo TV at Circuit City was running in "Vivid" mode........which would be totally vibrant (and very unrealistic) colours and sharpness........though some people actually do like it.
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Originally Posted by coachagee View Post

I think I will let your settings ride for awhile and tweak a little later.

Drop your color down to 44, I just did and think it gives better flesh tones.
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