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Originally Posted by Farfle View Post


Well you really don't have a choice of "changing" the display to 1080 or not. All the TV does is display what's being inputted into it. That said, the set's built-in cable tuner has the capability of receiving unencrypted digital channels (QAM), as well as all the analog ones. Some of these digital channels are HD resolutions, such as 1080i and 720p.

Try hooking up your coaxial cable directly from the wall into this TV set, then perform a scan (Menu->TV Properties->Scan for channels), and hope that it finds some digital channels. Most likely, some of the digital channels it will find are your local broadcast channels such as ABC, CBS, PBS, which should all be available in HD (espeically PBS, which should always have some HD content being shown). Change to some of these channels, then press the Info button on the remote. That will tell you what resolution the channel is currently displaying.

As for the DVD player, make sure to hook it up using Component cables (the Red, Green, and Blue ones) and one of the YPbPr inputs on the TV. Then, go into the menu of your DVD player and look for any options that relate to output resolution. It all varies on the type of DVD player you have, but generally the higher resolution the better

Thank you so much for the info! I was totally off on my assumptions then.

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I used the Sony driver included in windows and I selected the driver from the drop down list. GDM W-900 if I am not mistaken. Custom Timings as follows:

------------Horizontal -------------------Vertical

Front Porch 48-----------------------------21
Sync Width 48-----------------------------5
Back Porch 184---------------------------19

The output to the LCD will be 1080P and show as so. It does not show as 1080P HD when connected with VGA. Does not matter as 1080P is HD resolution anyway. DVI with a HDMI adapter shows 1080P HD.

The EDID data shows this as a Proview LCD. Same LCD at Proviews site.


No, the native resolution is 1360 x 765. I have to wonder if the 1080P is being scaled again within the unit.
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No, the native resolution is 1360 x 765. I have to wonder if the 1080P is being scaled again within the unit.

Well, I was rather bored, so I decided to count the number of visible horizontal pixels on this set. I got to 20 before I futilly gave up. However, I did the math with those 20 pixels and ended up calculating that this set has 1960 pixels across (not bad considering all I had was a ruler...in inches :P). So obviously, this set's native res is 1920x1080. Whether it's 1080i or P is still debatable, I suppose. It sounds like it is, indeed, a 1080p set, but just doesn't have 1:1 pixel mapping (yet). Maybe a call to Polaroid or a firmware update can provide this?
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Originally Posted by racerxnet View Post


The EDID data shows this as a Proview LCD. Same LCD at Proviews site.

How do you figure the panel in that link you provided is the same panel thats in the Polaroid? That link is to a 40" panel, not a 42", so it is not the same. Proview doesnt even list a 42" panel on their website.
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I am starting to wonder if this isnt a Vizio knock-off, or both companies used the same manufacture of some of the parts/software.

Besides the remotes being very simular, my Vizio remote will control some of the Polaroid TV functions and vise versa.

Both sets have the same number of control buttons on the same side of the case, and in the same location. The software is very simular. The menu's are the same, showing the same items in the same placements ( Contrast, brightness, ect. ), except for the Vizio has a few more custom options than the Polaroid. The blue info box that pops up on the righ upper part of the screen looks the exact same. Even when there is no signal to the TV, both have the same " No Signal " with a blue background.
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hey can anyone post their custom user settings for this set. I have one and I like it a lot but it seems as if while playing 360 I am getting too much color. The colors look beautiful but I am not sure if it is TOO much. I had the 40" Polaroid which I returned and got the 42" 1080p Polaroid. Also does anyone notice that when setting the sound effect to surround it seems to be distant sound while watching tv. I understand these are enhanced speakers so that may be normal.
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Just got my $798 Black Friday special out of the box. I would be satisfied with this bargain LCD but,.......... I have a phosphorous green speck, probably a group of 4 pixels or so, on the left side of the screen. It won't go away and is noticeable in dark scenes from across the room.
I would like to exchange it but the local WallyWorld doesn't have any more in stock.
I understand Walmart's return policy is 15 days on TV's.
What to do.... Keep is as a bargain or return it for a refund?
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I have been reading along since the first post on the poloroid 42" from WM. Still not sure if I sould open the box or just return it??? This is my first HD TV and I only have a cable line with no box. Will I at least get a picture simular to my old 27" TV with only the cable ? I am so
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WalMart's return policy on ALL TV's is 90 days i work in electronics on the weekends
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I've also bought this LCD TV and am interested in the calibration settings... I've gotten the picture close to what I think is correct but I feel that there is to much red in it.. and maybe to blury. other than that the picture looks great to me.
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Here are the user settings I am using:

49 Brightness
48 Contrast
50 Saturation
-1 Hue
4 Sharpness
Color temp is set to natural.

Also, my personal opinion of the built in surround sound effect is that it quite honestly is ineffective. Having two other sets with SRS built in, this effect does not hold up a candle to those.
However, with that said, it sounds great with the effect off (regular stereo).
Just my two cents.

Also, for HDMI cables I am using some cheapie cables I got at walmart off the clearance rack (Mwaha!) for $10 to $15 each. One of them was a more expensive shielded cable, but the others were just standard cheapies.
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Okay, I can't get the closed captioning to turn off. I push the Caption button on the remote and in the upper left corner it displays Video6 HDMI 480i SD, and doesn't cycle thru the other CC options if I press the Caption button again (or if i push any other button on the remote either. Tried to call Polaroid and only get busy signal. Emailed them 2 days ago and have yet to get a response...
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This tv looks good for the price...Just calibrated with DVE and it looks pretty good...also, I noticed that you have to use sharpness on this tv or else it looks blurry...have mine set to 5...
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Farfle: E5=rank, FC=place. Et phone home!
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My screen just went black.....I turn it off and on and it goes half black then fully black. Are you kidding me?!?!?!??!
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Anyone have any ideas what I should do? I really don't want to have to haul this back to Walmart ughhhh.
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I've never owned a HD set before, but wow did that pats game look good on over the air HD, with plain rabbit ears. I'm thinking of buying the extended warranty that walmart carries just incase something goes wrong. this is a decent HD set for being my first one..

I don't have a problem with the color brightness or black level they seem great to me. I did have a problem with way to much red.. but I just turned that down.

I should have grabbed that upscaling dvd player walmart had for cheap while I was there.
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I got that upscaling dvd player, and i'd tell you if it was any good, if the lcd was any good. For me being used to higher quality tv's (I understand this is a budget tv) it looked like a normal dvd or maybe even worse when I had it upscale to 1080p. I have two philips 1080i upscaling dvd players and they do a better job. But hey, the one at walmart is also a budget 1080p upscaler, so you get what you pay for.

As for me, i'll keep the dvd player around. Use it in a spare room. The tv's are going back monday or tuesday.
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Ok, I found this thread by searching and I am glad I did. First, I have owned a 32" Philips HD since Feb. of this year. I found it discount at Sam's Club since it was returned from repair after being DOA. I assumed it was a bargain set but nice. I always wanted a larger panel (don't we all?) so I took interest in my BF options this year. This set has been perfect (small though).
I selected the Polaroid 32" at Walmart but noticed the 42" version for more. I compared the new 32 against the Philips and after tweaking it to the max I noticed three issues:
1) Strange horizontal streaks on the edges of shapes that move rapidly across the screen (left to right). Very hard to perceive but it is there.
2) Sound quality is hollow and lacking -- no adjustment either.
3) Picture is soft versus my Philips. I have asked friends to comment and they came to the same non coaxed conclusions -- the Philips looks better. Turning up the sharpness does not correct for the lack of detail and makes it noisy anyway.
Ok, So I am at Walmart again today and see that they have piles of the Polaroid 26", 32" and 42" all at discount. I grab a 42" for $725 and bring it back for testing.
Yes, it is bigger and I tweaked it to be as close the the Philips as possible.
Overall, my friend and I came to the same conclusions as with the 32" exactly (same three issues as above).
I am not saying it is bad and if I did not have my Philips I would not be the wiser but it is only about 80% as good -- I am frugal but fastideous.
Oh, I should mention that my test source was a split antenna coax (one for the Pol. one for the Phil.) so I could compare with NBC, ABC, FOX, and KCAL9 (local). They use either 720P or 1080i. I also swapped out the HDMI from my HDTivo and played the same video and the results were the same (but I preferred to see both simultaneously for testing).
I am amazed that for over the air HD the picture was identical (but larger) on the supposed 1080P 42".
I am not sure if I will keep the 32" for a bedroom or keep the 42" as the main set (even though is it not as good).
I just wanted to share my "tests."
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This looks great with an HD DVD player...the game last night also looked great, and I only have a rabbit ear antenna...overall, getting good reception in the DFW area...
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My wife surprised me by bringing this set home from Wal-Mart on Friday morning. She wasn't planning to buy one, but happened to be walking by the sets at 4:30am when the manager gave the green light to release them. She got one of the 5 available. We already have a year-old Toshiba 42" 1080P LCD in our family room, but she bought this to replace our older living room tube set.

I sent her back to get their Magnavox upconverting DVD player and hooked it up via HDMI. After making adjustments to the set and player, the DVD's look pretty good, although not quite as good as on our Toshiba with Panasonic player (colors don't seem as vivid). We only have analog cable, so the picture there ranges from OK to grainy depending on the channel. No problems with pixels or anything else; it seems to work fine.

I'm going to try using the custom settings listed above to see if it sharpens things up any.
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Not sure if this would cause it, but have you verified the input?
Also, are you getting the startup logo when you power on?
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Originally Posted by kahlua View Post

My screen just went black.....I turn it off and on and it goes half black then fully black. Are you kidding me?!?!?!??!

Mine's doing the same thing. No logo on starup. Red light turns blue but just a dead black screen, no backlight. If you look on the back of the set you can see a blinking LED light on the circuit board.

This things going back to the store this morning. The sweetness of a low price is short lived, isn't it?
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Got the set back on. Unplugged the HDMI cables, turned it on, Polaroid logo came up. Plugged in the HDMI cables again, everything seems fine.

I still think I'm bringing it back.
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Sooo, I start up the tv, the Polaroid logo comes on but half the screen is blackish and cuts out. Then the picture shows up but cuts out twice and then is forever black til I "restart" again. I notice a weird smell, like burning maybe. I looked on the back and saw a red blinking light. I just tried it this morning after letting it sit overnight, and still the same thing....so I had to walk to the dumpster and get my box so I can take it back!
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kahlua, the problems you're having happen on more expensive sets as well. When I bought my Toshiba 42HL196 in late 2006, it worked fine for the first day, and the following morning would not turn on. Thankfully I hadn't mounted it to the wall yet and it was just sitting on the stand. I returned it to the store for an identical replacement, which has worked fine ever since. Seems like the luck of the draw.
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Good to know, I've been on Walmart's site looking for a different brand with a similar price but I'll just stay with Polaroid. Hopefully my 2nd one will be better.
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yeah this tv does a very good job for the money. I work at electronics at WalMart on the weekends and had the 40" Polaroid and got this one after returning my 40" but I must say I am very pleased with these Polaroid products.
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I had mine on for about 12 hrs on Friday and 16 hrs on Saturday just to let it burn in and make sure it's working right...had it on for only 6 hrs yesterday...so far, it's working like it's supposed too...
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Glad I found this community/forum/thread. So this is my first LCD HDTV. My wife and I have been itching to purchase one. SHE approached me Thursday morning and asked me what I had thought of this.

So I hopped on the 'ole internet machine and researched Polaroid's TLX-04240B model—or anything that I could find on it.

Couldn't be happier for the price. No this tv is not a $2000.00+ name-brand LCD HDTV. That's NOT what I paid for—nor was it what I was expecting.

For the price, image quality, clarity and color—I am impressed. It's actually funny seeing the difference in a 1080HD channel vs. analog television. Few channels around the Twin Cities are 1080—so it was exciting to actually view them.

Watched the Pianist and Underworld on an up-convert 1080 DVD player. Was very impressed with the color and image. Can't wait to eventually watch or get HD-DVD or BluRay.

Also—played and hooked up my Wii. Wasn't TOO impressed with the picture quality, currently only have RCA a/v cables going to my reciever with an S-video out, so I doubt the picture can be "that" good. Will be purchasing component cables shortly. Wish they'd release a HDMI for the Wii.

OVERALL: very pleased with the tv. For the price—can't go wrong.
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