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I have one of these TVs (TLX-03210B) and I was wondering if anyone knows of a DirecTV 3 number remote control code (one for the Hughes HRMC - 15) to operate the set? I have a 5 year old daughter who must have gotten a hold of the Polaroid remote that comes with it, and she lost it somewhere (remote cemetary wherever that may be?)

I have seen some forums where some people claim the set is made in China, near the same place Sony's are made, so I might try the Sony codes, any other info would be much appreciated. I am actually surprised nothing like this has popped up on this thread yet, because, I have really had trouble with codes for my DirecTV in the past, I have a VIORE set with the same problem....Thanks for any help
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Wow, can't believe I actually found my remote! Still would be nice to have info, in case my remote goes awol again....
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I also had the following problem with a black dot appearing in the top left corner of the screen. From this dot came a brightness that cast down and ruined the picture. Now the TLX-03210B that I bought on Black friday 2007 from Walmart for $480 does not work at all. Polaroid says that it will cost $200 to fix and comes with only a 90 day warranty. Should have went with Samsung or Sony.
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I have been gifted this model TV by my mother, who was cleaning out the garage and wanted this TV out of the way. She told me that she had bought it on a black friday special and it only worked for a couple of months, after which the blue light on the power button would come on but no picture or sound or menus, nothing. After the runaround from wal-mart she was able to get through to polaroid and they had her take it to a tv repair guy whjo told her the mainboard was bad. He also told her that polaroid had a nasty hbit of taking payments he sends for parts, but never sending the part, so he insisted that she pay up front for the part, which he said was 300 dollars. She decided she would just box it up and stick it in the garage instead, hoping that maybe someday I could fix it. I am looking everywhere for a control box for this tv, the part number is 909-KR5-GF3217XA2H. I found a few sites, including shopjimmies, that had it listed for under 100 dollars, but were out of stock with no projected date on when they'd get more. I also found a few other sites that wanted a king's ransom for it ($400+), but no sane person would pay that price when a brand new tv of the same size is that much or cheaper. So, good people of AVSforum, does anyone here have any idea where I can get this part? Maybe someone has one with a busted screen but the box is still good? I would really like to bring this thing back to life, any help is appreciated.
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