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The OPT (out) only works with whatever is connected to the OPT (in). There is no HDMI ---> digital/analog down conversion.
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All the dig opt ins or just the dvr next to the opt out?
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The manual would lead you to believe only the matching OPT(IN); however, others have stated it works with any OPT or digital coax input as well.
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Hey thanks for the info. Really appreciate it.
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I was trying the same thing with a set of gaming headphones and got the same results. It looks like the "TOSLINK" out is only for the dvr setup and I could only get audio out from my "TOSLINK" input.
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Hey guys. I'm having a really annoying issue with my AVR-888

Im running sound into the receiver via HDMI from a PC.

Im using two QEF Q90's for the front speakers a Boston center channel and a JBL woofer connected to the preout.

I can't seem to get my woofer to work with my loudspeakers to play stereo music.

I can only get woofer to work when the output on the computer is set to stereo over hdmi.
And the reciever is set to Dolby , Neo 6 or Neural

None of these options are good for listening to music. The soundstage seems to move all over the place

I've tried changing speaker setting on the computer to Stereo/5.1/7.1 to no avail.
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You need to enable bass management by setting the fronts to "small". Stereo music doesn't have dedicated sub content so the sub will only make noise if you redirect it there.
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quick question guys, thanks for any help!

whats the difference between the 2308 and the 2308CI ?

mate selling a 2308 for £90... is that a decent price for such an old amp? or is the CI much better?
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Sounds like you aren't in the US? The "CI" suffix is only used for USA/NA units, so it's basically the same unit just with different branding. I believe another difference is that the non-NA version (EU and Asia) has preamp outs for external amplification.

It's a solid unit with basic Audyssey calibration and a couple of HDMI inputs. Obviously a bit dated in some ways but it really depends on your needs.
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Cheers, yep in London, but still a Yank wink.gif

My needs are having never had any 5.1 surround sound system, its finally time to go surround sound and I figured for a few hundred pounds I could get a decent used amp and speakers that would probably be more than good enough for my lame ears wink.gif

I dont need to feed HMDI because my 3D projector does not like being fed messed up signals. wink.gif I guess I just need optical and standard hook ups for my ps3, xbox and PC?

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Following on from the last post, I have an issue with receiving 3d Sound from a dual output Sony 790 Blu-ray Player. What should the manual set up be on the 2308 to receive 3D audio only signal as as soon as I switch from 2D to 3D on the bluray the sound goes off. The 3d picture is streamed directly to the projector.

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This is a source issue. The Blu Ray player must be set to pass video from one HDMI and audio from the other.
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Cheers - I honestly thought that I had the HDMI separation set on the Sony so had never checked it all of the time I have fannied on with the Denon! Just changed it and it works great which is a relief as the 2308 has an awesome sound and didnt want to upgrade to an inferior 3D receiver (or change Blu-ray)


Time to watch Closer to the edge in 3D now

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Hey just wanted to really thank all the cats out there that are so helpful and respond to the questions from us noobs about the gear. Especially the older stuff which is still in circulation and really usable but can be daunting without some guidance. I keep an eye on this particular thread cause I have an old avr 888 that still pumps out the juice quite nicely. Hats off to you all!!!!
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I have a 2308ci and I want to use the v.aux input in the front but it's not under source. When I turn the knob to select the source it only giving me dvd, dvd ext., tuner and tv/cable. please help.
Thank you,
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Originally Posted by tinng321 View Post

I have a 2308ci and I want to use the v.aux input in the front but it's not under source. When I turn the knob to select the source it only giving me dvd, dvd ext., tuner and tv/cable. please help.
Thank you,

Hi tinng321, it appears it may have been removed. Go into Menu -> Manual Setup -> Option Setup -> Source Delete and make sure it is not deleted.
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thank you. i was trying to figure it out the whole day.
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I have a 2308ci with cable box (FiOS Motorola QIP 7216) and a Roku (was a 1st gen, just got a Roku3) hooked up via HDMI. The cable box works great (on either HDMI input) but the Roku and some times when I switch it out for my laptop, is always a very grainy picture. This is all outputted to an Optoma HD20 projector. I turned down the sharpness on the projector which helps a bit, but is not ideal for any other viewing. Any way, upon connecting the Roku3, I learned it has both 720 and 1080 output so I changed to 1080 and the pic went away completely. I had to connect it to another TV to view and reset to 720. When I brought it back there were crazy green and black lines and I was really confused. Turned off all devices one at a time. Projector was the culprit. It worked after resetting that. I wondered if that was my initial problem so I put the roku back to 1080 and turned every thing off and on. Still no pic so I reset it to 720 and it works. Still a very grainy/ noisy picture. Trying to get thru the OSD is impossible unless I pull out an old Composite input device, but maybe that is what I need to do to adjust the HDMI input for some reason? Any ideas?

BTW I tried resetting my 2308's microprocessor but I can't for the life of me get that reset procedure to work! Do I have to hold the buttons for a really long time or something? Pressing all simultaneously doesn't work. Pressing the speaker A/B buttons slightly ahead of the power button doesn't work (it won't turn on until I lift the speaker A/B buttons). I hold the power and press the speaker A/B buttons just after and hold for up to a minute or so until my fingers get sore and I've NEVER got the display to blink.

Thanks for any help y'all can offer!

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I have a 2308 that I have had for about five years, but have never used the HDMI inputs until now. My issue is when using an HDMI input, the video outputs fine, but the audio through the amp is just a bunch of hissing. If you turn the volume all of the way up, you can barely make out the dialogue behind the static. If the audio output is set to the TV, the audio is fine. Also, if I use the optical jack, the audio is also not working. If I use analog inputs, the audio works fine.


Another interesting thing was if I did test tones, each tone came out of all the speakers, instead of the specific one being tested.


 Both HDMI inputs were tested, one with a cable box and the other with a DVD and both did the same thing.

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Refer to the section in your Owner's manual on "Resetting the microprocessor" (near the back) and see if that doesn't resolve the issue.
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