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I still need a little clarity on connecting two receivers in the same room. I have an older 1991 Onkyo receiver I'll call MUSIC which I use to play CD/FM/vinyl. I think this rules out using Y cables. It only has composite audio L+R, no Toslink or SVideo. I send the signal out through a tape REC OUT to an AMP and then to 3 different rooms with volume controls.
I will be getting an Onkyo SR605 shortly to run my home THEATER speakers (5.1). The inputs will be XBOX, cable box (including TV and Music Choice), and possible a future DVD player.
Are there any problems with the following connection? I am thinking RCA cables L+R, but not sure of the exact connection points.

To play the same MUSIC as the rest of the house in the THEATER room.
Tape REC OUT to maybe CD? in on the new receiver. Press the CD selector on the new receiver to hear music in the Theater room. I choose CD to make it more intuitive.

To send the TV audio/ Music Choice music to the rest of the house.
Tape REC OUT new receiver to Hmmmmmm not sure here. Would I use a Tape PLAY inputs? If this is correct, would I press TAPE 1 to have the TV audio play out to the rest of the house? The Theater Receiver would be set to play TV.

Anything special about buying RCA cables around 12' in length.

I'm trying to get my wiring done before things show up. Thanks for your advice.