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I paid for a 50PX77 and then got a reality check when I went into a few different stores. I didn't take delivery yet and need to decide if I should bail real quick.

My confusion comes from most posts combining comments into "77U" but, what I know is that there is a distinction between 77s. The PX77 has anti glare, the PZ77 and PZ700 have anti reflect. Okay, so the PX anti glare works fine, BUT, when I saw the PX77 side by side with other Plasmas (PZ77 and PX75) in a store it looked like the PQ was worse... like muted, like it needed a tweek of its contrast and/or brightness or something. Obviously they had the same input and I even had the salesguy reset the settings and then try to adjust it... still looked less then other. The PZ which has an anti reflecting coating looked crisper than the PX. Are there settings that can compensate for the difference? PLEASE RESPOND... thanks