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Marquee LVPS Blown Fuse. Indications?

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So after a hiatus I decided to attack my Marquee 8000 projector and get it running again. When last working, it had run for a while, then it would shut down and suddenly come back on again. I didn't want to continue operating it in this condition, so I pulled the plug and its been down for a little while.

Anyway, I spoke to Tim in PHX who was nice enough to let me burn a few minutes of his time, and he thought I might have a problem with a fan failure. Based on our conversation, I was planning to concentrate on the LVPS fans first, and then move on to the belly fans.

I attempted to power up today and see if I could observe the operation of my LVPS fans. I got nothing. No "whoosh", no lights, nothing.

I pulled the LVPS and thought while I had it out I'd clean it up. I then opened it for a visual inspection and fuse F5 was blown. So, my question is what might cause this fuse to blow and what should I do next? Do I replace the fuse or is the fact that it blew an indication that my LVPS is shot and should be replaced? Any help would be appreciated.
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Change the fuse and power up again. If it blows again, I'd replace the supply. No one has the schematics for them, they were never released. Tim or I have stock of them.
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Can you point me to a supplier for the fuse?

Also, I don't see a place on your web site for purchasing an LVPS. If I need to do that, can I email you?
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Radio Shack or a TV repair store will sell you a fuse. Yes, email me through the site if you need to buy one. I don't have an online purchasing setup as my stock changes daily.

Got lots of LVPS in stock though.

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Yea look for anew LVPS i was going to fix mine till i saw that the PCB board had a few bubbles under one of the opamps, the board shorted through one of the layers. fond one for 75 bucks on cutrs site .

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75 BUCKS! You shouldn't spend more than $74.99 on one. You over paid.
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If you get a used LVPS make sure you check the filament voltage on Pin number whatever (I don't remember). The LVPS mght need the simple fix. If the voltage is too high you will kill your tubes very very quckly and have a very expensive retubing on your horizon. Go to Tim's site for the details.
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Well, I tried the new fuse and it blew immediately.

Curt -- I just sent to you an email.
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Originally Posted by mark haflich View Post

75 BUCKS! You shouldn't spend more than $74.99 on one. You over paid.

Ehh .01c !!!!! man i did over pay !!!!!

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