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Download the AVCHD image and burn it into a regular DVDR, it's kinda like BD on DVD. I think all the info is on the starter post of this thread.

Luck smile.gif
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Alright, thanks.

Now, I'm also trying to calibrate my PC Monitor. Though, this is very different than calibrating an HDTV. For reference, I have my backlight turned all the way down, and the only important settings that my monitor can control are Contrast and Temperature. I've left Contrast at it's middle setting 50/100 and the Temperature at Warm.

I have an AMD graphics card, and using the Catalyst Control Center I can calibrate settings like Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Hue, Saturation and Temperature. The strange thing is there are two different sets I can calibrate. One is for "Video" - like if I were to watch something on a media player like Windows Media Player or VLC - and the other set of calibration settings is for the screen in general, so they apply everywhere.

I'm not really interested in the "Video" (seen right) settings. I don't really watch things in media players on my PC, mostly for gaming really.

But you know how when you turn contrast all the way down, or brightness all the way up and view the calibration video - you should be able to see all the flashing bars? Well that only happens when I alter the contrast or brightness for "Video" - which as mentioned before, only affects videos being played - not the whole monitor. So if I were to use a modeling program, Photoshop, view pictures imported from my camera, or play a game - these settings won't affect that. Only videos being played through a media player.

But when changing the other set of settings that affect the whole monitor and everything in general (seen left) I can only see a limited set of bars. For example, when viewing the Contract video I can only see up to 233, no matter how much I lower the contrast with CCC. There is a change, but not like when editing the "Video" settings.

So does anyone know how to calibrate a PC monitor? Should I ignore the settings built into the monitor, and only change the ones in my graphics card's settings? What do I do about calibrating for my monitor in general, and not just for videos through a media player? Should I edit the settings for media player playback, then do the other settings that affect everything on the monitor other than videos in a media player?

I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough. I hope someone has had a similar experience, or understands what I'm talking about when it comes to calibrating a PC monitor.
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Is this a laptop screen? You can leave video on "Use Video Player Settings" and stick to the "Desktop Color" section to try and get a semi decent picture, the good news is that unless there is something wrong in the video player itself this will be enough to guarantee that video color is accurate as well, check out this link: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/

I am sorry to say that trying to "calibrate" laptop screens via software is generally a lost cause, I really recommend that you stay away from the video color sections and settle for adjusting the general brightness/contrast/gamma to acceptable levels. Stay away from the per-color-channel settings there too, unless your screen is so screwed up that you can't live without it.

TL;DR: Laptop screen BAD. Video color section BAD, but could be fun... (like some women). Desktop color section will be OK-ISH at best, but you gotta know when to settle. Whole process: BIG diminishing returns.
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Nope, it's an Acer PC Monitor.

There are buttons on the underside of the monitor that can calibrate just a few settings. Here is a picture I found online. The only difference is that I have my Brightness (which is actually the backlight) set to zero, and when calibrating new settings I have contrast set to fifty. This is just to show what options my monitor has.

These are the video settings I mentioned, that only affect the brightness, color, contrast etc. on videos being played in media players. But like you said, I should just leave these alone.

Then there are two sections that have almost the same calibration controls. One is Desktop Color, the other is Display Color. I'm not sure which I should use, one has Gamma - the other doesn't. But one has Tint and Color - while the other lacks it. But both contain Brightness and Contrast settings - but then my Acer monitor has a built in Contrast setting. Then to make things even more complicated, Windows has a built in calibration thing that allows you to edit the Gamma. I'm not sure which settings under which things I should be using.

Though, lagom.nl mentions I should calibrate with my monitor first, then fine tune with the video card's calibration settings.

"If you have any kind of color management system active in your operating system or video-card driver, then disable that first. First make adjustments to the monitor settings to let it behave as close to the ideal as possible, and only after that you can use the color management to compensate for any small deviations that remain."

That aside, should I use AVS HD 709 or the lagom LCD tests? The thing with the AVS HD 709 is that they play through a video player, and so they have different calibration settings as mentioned earlier in my post. But the downside to lagom LCD tests is that there aren't color or tint settings on the site, so should I use the AVD HD 709 or something?
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I guess the Display Color section provides per-screen configurations while Desktop Color applies to all.

I would disable windows' calibration and stick to the AMD control panel (I had to google how to do that once, actually).

Go with lagom and if you need to, with either or both of Desktop and Display color settings until you get brightness/contrast/gamma right.

Then check hue/sat with AVCHD and tweak hue/saturation on Display color if needed. Again, unless your video player is broken adjusting the screen using the lagom tests will result in good video playback levels.

I know I am repeating myself here but after spending too many hours trying to adjust a similarly limited screen I concluded that the results I got after the first 30 minutes were as good as I was going to get.

Don't obsess over this.

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Alright. Thank you so much!
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Originally Posted by Edo Glvez View Post

The PS3 will stay on RGB mode unless playing from authored discs so no blacker than black or superwhite if he uses the MP4s.

This older post comment brings up a question of mine; does the PS3 stay on RGB mode when streaming video from a DLNA server or from Netflix or Cinema Now. I ask this because while my settings are great for dvd and blu-ray playback (calibrated by ISF technician), they seem "off" when streaming video, particularly Netflix, and particularly brightness settings. The picture is often darker than its disc counterpart, making some scenes unwatchable, or is this more a limitation of my bandwidth, etc. (PS3 is wireless so I often can't stream better than high quality SD).

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Make sure your HDMI level setting is in sync with the PS3 RGB setting. Streamed content on my PS3 is always RGB so it will be sent to the TV in either limited or full range depending on how I have that set on my PS3.
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Thanks for the reply. I have RGB set to limited. Should I change it to full; at least for streaming?
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It doesn't make much difference other than your display has to be set to expect limited (sometimes called "low" HDMI setting) so either change that to see if blacks are not crushed, or change PS3 to full range.
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Basic calibration question: I currently own a panasonic plasma th58ph10uka and have done the brigtness, contrats , 2 pt grayscale rgb gain and cut, and am now at the cms calibration with calman5. My gama is fix at 2,5 and have managed to set color and tint using the 75% apl, I just can't figure out where I can find the lum adjustment ?? Pls help
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Which patterns would be best to use with a Samsung TV with auto dimming that crushes blacks.
Am I right in thinking field patterns?
Also would I use the field patterns for both grey scale & colour management ?
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Originally Posted by sillycargt4cs View Post

Which patterns would be best to use with a Samsung TV with auto dimming that crushes blacks.
Am I right in thinking field patterns?
Also would I use the field patterns for both grey scale & colour management ?

Hello , if this is an LED LCD set then full field patterns are best, an LCD is not affected by the size of a window pattern compared to a plasma.
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Originally Posted by hungro View Post

Hello , if this is an LED LCD set then full field patterns are best, an LCD is not affected by the size of a window pattern compared to a plasma.
Sorry school boy error my post was a vague.
Yes its a led sidelit lcd
So full field is best with the colour management too.
I got good results but always question my work
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I've been reading through all this information since Christmas between different sites and mainly here. I'm having issues with some last refinements on a, Samsung LE37S73BD. No user colour controls. Has to be done through the service menu. I have the lowest black flashing at 17. A little bit higher, 16 and lower no bars. Says to keep it at 17. Contrast and the colour clipping I'm having the last problem after all these nights of tweaking. 235 does not flash, well it does, it's so faint I have to look slightly off as in move my eye to another point while facing perfectly to the tv. It's ever so faint. The same goes for the contrast. 233 flashes but 234 is like half, it ever so slightly flashes and can't see 235.

Even before changing the factory settings, the grey contrast bars would not change to a yellowish colour even on 100 from the user menu, even though 235 was still gone. I cannot get 235 to display clearly.

Before all this in both Standard and Movie presets, the whole red and blue sections had no bars flashing and was pushing a fair bit of red through Underworld Awakening Blu-Ray. This has all been rectified.

The factory defaults, written down of course, to stop the blacks washing out it had to be lowered into the low 20s from the main user menu. The factory Sub Brightness was 138 and after several nights of tweaking it comes out about 124 and gives a black level in the main user menu of about 43/44 in Standard and 45/46 currently 46 in Movie. Colour 50 for both. The contrast was a bit too insanely bright. Sore eyes after a while. Sub Contrast from 150 down to 98. Contrast in the user menu comes out about 74 in Standard, originally 100 for Movie but is easier on the eyes about 93. Though 100 is clipping a few more bars of A4 Color Clipping. 96 - 93 is perfect, currently prefer 93 with all the bars showing with an extremely faint 235 pulsing.

The one problem I have with the contrast no matter what I do or in the service menu I cannot get 235 to show clearly. The screen just becomes dull, even all the adjusting of the colours. The colours become faint or bleed for 235 instead of showing that bar clearly.

The A3 color steps are showing perfectly from what the manual refers. As is the A1 Grayscale Ramp and A2 Gray Scale Steps. No crush, no blue, green or red faint push.

I'm running all the mp4 files stored on the Playstation 3 hard drive.

PS3 is set as others suggested.
Originally Posted by airscapes View Post

If your ps3 is set up correctly for video then the setting should be fine for other device that use HDMI

Video Settings

BD Internet: "Allow"
BD/DVD Cinema Conversion: "Automatic"
BD/DVD Upscaler: "Normal"
BD/DVD Video Output Format (HDMI): "Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr" for TVs, "RGB" for PC Monitors
BD 1080p 24Hz Output: "Automatic"
BD/DVD Dynamic Range Control: "Off"
BD/DVD Audio Output Format (HDMI): "Linear PCM"
BD/DVD Audio Output Format (Optical Digital): "Bitstream"

Display Settings

RGB Full Range (HDMI): "Limited"
Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White (HDMI): "On"

Contrast 93
Brightness 46
Sharpness 18
Colour 50
Colour Tone: Warm2

Contrast 74
Brightness 43
Sharpness 24
Colour 50
Colour Tone: Warm2

Watched a fair bit of Underworld Awakening, Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, Transformers Dark of the Moon after all this and so far not seen any low colour crush or black crush or anything looking washed out. Sometimes the whites on Sky HD in bright sunshine on peoples white jerseys/caps feels as if it could come down a bit due to that 235 bar. It's so white on the tips of fabric. Or is that just their cameras? Usually only see that happen out in the bright sunshine on a golf course or such. I don't know how I can get it to show. But most of the time it's not really a problem as you can see newsreaders lacy white shirt/dress details clearly even though it's really bright. Same with some of the presenters on the F1 Show and their white shirts.
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This great little tool assumes that the RGB file is in video levels (16-235) so that you can include BTB and WTW.

Does anbody know of a similar tool which treats the RGB file as 0-255?
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xvfx- the over bright whites are often the cameras not adjusting like when a shady area is next to a bright sunny area it can look superbright,bright stadium lights Or bright sun on whitejerseys.Throw in plasmas abl changing white luminance and it can make a tv picture look a bit messed up.
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Vic12345, ah. I just wasn't 100% sure. The contrast is now lovely after another night of some small refinements. Movie contrast is no longer showing clipping for 100. Same for the A4 Color Clipping. Can see the faint flashing 235. No eye fatigue and no dull picture.

Though I noticed from the factory settings, 35 color on this tv seems to be the equivalent of the newer Samsung's that has 50 for Movie. Anything above 35 starts to look like "Native" or 255 PC RGB for LED TV's. It's on the rich side rather than looking natural unless set to 35. The SKY HD EPG was too vibrant.

The blacks are all lovely matt detailed shading. I think I need to bring it up a little in the factory menu. It's perfect for 4 - 6ft viewing but anything 6 - 8ft it's harder to see a little of the deeper detail. There's no crush or clouding though (can see the faint hand railing on the right when Batman rides the Batpod down the alley before The Bat shows itself) with the lack of adjustable backlight it needs to be one setting for all. After all the tweaking for the colour space, it seems to closely match 10k's Movie settings that he had for the Samsung LED backlit TV when I compare the picture. There's no colour push coming through the two A1/A2 Grayscale and A3 - Color Step patterns. A couple of clicks and you can see it.

This 37" 720p TV used to have a somewhat deep yellow going through the whites. Felt like a horrible filter. The whites now look like the digital white thats been hardware calibrated on computer displays. That digital warm white like sunlight shining on paper. The way it looks in Movie mode on the LED TV. This used to look bad with the skin tones on Underworld Awakening and any of the white information bars on Sky News and Sky Sports News. It was also relatively bad watching F1. The tarmac wasn't looking naturally grey with this strong yellow push.

Now the black levels look great from 8 - 9ft. Even with energy saving set to low.

Factory settings / Custom settings guided by the test patterns & manual.
3. White Balance

Sub Brightness 138   / 132           Sub Contrast 150    / 140
R-Offset 140         / 132           R-Gain 129          / 129
G-Offset 128         / 131           G-Gain 128          / 134
B-Offset 131         / 131           B-Gain 151          / 155

10. W/B Movie

W/B Movie: Off
Color Mode: Movie
W1 R-Gain 161        / 142           W2 R-Gain 142       / 139
W1 B-Gain 76         / 112           W2 B-Gain 51        / 95
W1 R-Offset 118      / 125           W2 R-Offset 128     / 128
W1 B-Offset 141      / 131           W2 B-Offset 143     / 135
                                     Movie Contrast 80
                                     Movie Brightness 65 / 50
                                     Movie Color 35
                                     Movie Sharpness 35
                                     Movie ColorTone Warm2

User Controls

Contrast 100
Brightness 45
Sharpness 5
Color 35
Tint 50/50
Colour Tone : Warm2

Contrast 74
Brightness 48
Sharpness 12
Color 50
Tint 50/50
Colour Tone : Warm2

Lastly set, Energy saving: Low/Med.
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Are there any plans to add 3D version (Side-by-Side or Over-Under) of patterns to AVS HD 709 package?
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Originally Posted by AV-Freak View Post


This great little tool assumes that the RGB file is in video levels (16-235) so that you can include BTB and WTW.

Does anybody know of a similar tool which treats the RGB file as 0-255?

Here you go.


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Thanks a lot!!
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I tried a few different ways to get this to work on my Panasonic 220 bluray play and my ps3.. What are the best ways to get these files to play on them.? I cant seem to get it to work
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is there any way to burn this to a ubs stick my blu ray player will play from ubs and I don't have a dvd drive
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I believe the mp4 version should work on a usb drive. it needs to be decompressed first.
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hi guys does any one know if there a youtube how to
I just can't figure it out .

so is set a step by step vid
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Yes I did down load the pdf but just can't follow it
I got the black level but the white level Adjust the Contrast for Pure, Bright White

Pick up the TV remote. Adjust the contrast so you can clearly see the flashing bars behind lines 230-234.

I can turn it up all the way up or down I cant see any flashing lines

this me sound dumb but I don't have a cd burner so I put it on a ubs drive and running it on my Blu-ray player
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Does any one have a Lg 47lm6200 I can't seen to set the white on the tv

Hi guy I got the LG 47lm6200 and would like to find out how the whites are on other 47lm6200
I using the AVCHD-2d to try to set me whites but no mater what I do I cant

I can set the black right but white I cant

and should I Calibrat ever mode like vivid /standard/ cinema
or what the best mode to Calibrat
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It might be a setting in your bluray player. What are you using?
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Originally Posted by JimP View Post


It might be a setting in your bluray player. What are you using?

it a Samsung 3d Blu-ray player BDE-5500 I SET IT TO DEFULT SAME A MY TV BEFORE I STARTED.
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