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HI all, here is my question I havn't been able to find a clear answer so if it has been answered elsewhere I apoligze because I haven't found it. well here it goes.

I have an Emac machine with 800mhz ppc g4 osx 10.4.11 with 512 ram.

I am considering buying a Playstation 3.

I was wondering can the playstaion 3 be used by it self as a media server.

Like since the playstation 3 has an 80 gb hardrive could I store movies and play them directly from the playstation 3. I know they are about to upgrade and make divx playable and I have been saving my movies as divx because I have a divx player. I don't save movies into itunes because Itunes does not recognize dvix and my divx player does not recognize mp4.

if this is the case I would be glad just to do everything on the ps3 because it will only be hooked up in my home theater.

Also does anyone know if you can hook up an external HD to the PS3?

Now if the ps3 can not be used by it self to store videos and can only connect and stream videos to a media server. What do I need to do to my Emac to turn it into a media server? Will the ps3 find itunes like the appleTV does? if it does that is cool I will just re-encode everything to Itunes.

Or do I need a diffrent program to act as a media server for the ps3 to connect to preferrebly one that recognizes DivX. Any help will be appreiciated.