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Has Anyone Ever Seen This Before?

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Has Anyone Ever Seen This Before? this distortion is on the red tube as well
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Yeah, Looks like you need to do a complete setup and convergence.. ever used a crt before?
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What projector?
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Dont worry about what projector it is LOL it needs to be squared with the screen and level at the proper throw ditance 1st.

Then a full convergence can be done.


If you answer NO to POST #2 then its time to go buy a digital RIGHT NOW!
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So, anyone who has never used a CRT before is forbidden from starting to use one? If this is correct, may I ask what CRT projector fit along side you in your mother's womb?
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Don't let what he said bother you... he may have just been trying to warn you about how addicting this hobby can be. If you don't have much experience with crt's then you will want to do as much reading and listening to the other guys here as you can for a while. I got my first crt less than a year ago, and it has been a very steep learning curve for me. I'm finishing up my third one now, and it is very addicting.
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Lighten up Francis!

These guys are just having fun with the newbie.

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Having fun is one thing, but effectively telling him to piss off because he doesn't already know is just being a dick.

Bemoan the CRT community dying up on the one side, and scare off the new blood on the other.

Maybe WE know he didn't mean it (though it's hard to tell) but a guy who's just showed up here sure doesn't. He asked for advice and got told to go digital. "Prepare to buy ten of these in the next year if you learn. You are doomed!" would be razzing. That wasn't.
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Oh, and if you ask me, "having fun with the newbie" is a really, really stupid way to live your life. If I wanted to be among people who think that being new to something means being treated particularly badly rather than particularly well, I'd go back to high school and join the swim team.
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What you said, esp. when he bought the projector from me.

Gary won't post, I walked him through it, and after another setup go-round, I think he's busy watching movies..

Thanks jkruger for the help though, I'm sure he appreciates it.
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Perisoft, you have a few-day old PM about the 1271
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I had no intention of giving him a hard time. I'm a newbie myself, and was only trying to help him.
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Group tube hug!
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