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Need help!

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I have a problem. I have a Toshiba RPT (HD) that only has two component inputs. One is being used for the HD Directv and the kids want two new game systems for Xmas. Do any of you know a work around (perhaps an A/B switch) that would let me connect both a PS3 and a Wii to this tv? I don't want to replace the tv or add an additional one. Any ideas?
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Well, the easiest way would be to hook up the PS3 via your spare component connection, and then just hook up the Wii via SVideo. Since the Wii only does 640x480 anyways you won't be sacrificing too much video quality.

Many A/V receivers have component switching capabilities, so if you're not familiar with all the options on your model then check that out too. If it does, then you should be able to plug Wii/Ps3 into the receiver via component, and then run 1 component out of the receiver to the TV.

If your receiver doesn't have component input/outputs, and you definitely want to use component for both PS3/Wii, then you're only other option is to pick up an external component switch box. I don't know of any models off hand, but I'm sure someone else can recommend a unit for you.

Lucky kids, my brother and I used to have to share an SNES, and there was NO WAY we'd ever have gotten permission to hook up a second console . I guess it must be nice to have parents from the Nintendo generation instead of the Atari one..

EDIT: I'm assuming this is an older Toshiba and it doesn't have any HDMI/DVI/VGA connectors?
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It's good to be my kids! The issue is my daughter has no interest in the PS3, but I know she would like the Wii. Her friends have that one. The Toshiba is not that old (in my opinion) but it does not have HDMI. It does have S-Video so I guess that would work. I just assumed the Wii would require component or HDMI. Someone else also clued me in to a component switch that would work just great. Might even work with my Harmony 1000!
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Nope, the Wii definitely doesn't REQUIRE component, and it doesn't even support HDMI. Now that I think about it I'm not sure the Wii even ships with component cables...

The only beneifts you'll see going to component are progressive scanning, slightly sharper images, and slightly better colour reproduction.

I'd suggest comparing the Svideo/Component outputs once you get the Wii, and then decide if component is enough of an improvement to justify getting a switch. Since the Wii can tend to show a lot of jaggies, some people even prefer the slightly softer output of Svideo since it actually smoothes out some of the jagged edges.

And I didn't mean to put down your set, I actually run a 5 year old Toshiba 42H82 so I had the same problem when I started adding more HD sources.
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How does the PS3 look on your 42H82? The reason I ask is I know the best connection is HDMI. Since I don't have this, we will be using component. I would hate to buy him this and have the picture look bad. The PS2 just does not look that great on this set. I'm hoping the PS3 looks a LOT better. Thanks for you help.
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