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50" Plasma Wall Mount -- extends AND lowers?

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Does anyone know of a plasma wall mount (for 50") in which you can extend (pull out) the tv around 18" and also lower at least 18"?

I have read through many posts where this question was asked, but never answered. Does some kind of cantilever arm exist for this size plasma?

Thanks in advance!

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Does this not exist??
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Apparently it does, a salesman at a home theater store here in Dallas said they have one that could do precisely that. I'm sorry I don't have a model # for you, but they do exist.
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http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...t=1#largeimage thats the one i am going to buy for my sammy 5044 good price too
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Try the Premier Mounts AM3 and Omnimount UCL-XP. The AM3 can extend as far as nearly 3 feet!

These are great choices!

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chief makes one
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Sanus makes some nice mounts! Check there line out.
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I have been searching for the same type of mount but cannot find one. In fact I can't find any mounts for large TVs that do both a pull out and pull down motion (would also like it to pivot/swivel but I don't need tilt). The other makes and models previously suggested do not pull down (or at least I couldn't find one that did). If anyone knows of such a mount please post a link or the make/model.

BTW, the TV I have is the Samsung HP-T5064. And for the curious, the reason for needing this type of mount motion is for the TV to be mounted above a cabinet (kind of like a buffet) that must stay in place, then pull the TV out over the cabinet and drop down to a better viewing height for watching movies.


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Any chance anyone would know of one for a 51" that could extend about 3 ft to the side and tilt just a little?
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I have the articulating wall mount made by Assia Wall mounts,it does it all EXCEPT drop down to a lower level.It tilts upward and downward,it swivels left and right and extends away from the wall approx 24".I have my Samsung PN64E8000 mounted to it and have had NO issues.What I did do is used a 2ftx4ft 3/4" oakboard stained to match the existing trim and mantle above my fireplace and then used 3/8'x2 1/2" lag screws to screw the board into the 3 studs that are 16" on center for greater surface area reinforcement,then mounted the Assia mount to the stained oak board.It looks finished when I extend the tv out to its max for a greater 3D viewing experience from our sitting area.Just thought id share for those who were wanting options!

Or try this website..http://www.comfortvu.com if your wanting the drop down feature
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I just bought the Down and Out Swivel Mount from www.dynamicmounting.com and it has worked out awesome for us. It is mounted above my fireplace and goes from being completely above my fireplace to sitting almost directly in front of it when I lower it down. It also has an impressive degree of swivel in both directions.


I have a 60 in. LED mounted on it which it handles without a problem. You can adjust a counterbalance on the mount to make it pretty effortless to lower and raise it. You can set the counterbalance to make it a one-finger process to raise and lower even a 100lb TV.

I searched quite a bit and it was the clear option if you want a mount that lowers.
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Reviving this thread because I'm looking for a solution for an above fireplace mount. It's the only wall in our living room!

The ComfortVu looks to be the best solution, but they recently increased its price. I should have just jumped on it when it was $2000. I thought it would go down instead.

Are there any other solutions nowadays that does height adjustable settings over a fireplace?

Also, does anyone know of any installers in the Houston area for a mount like this?
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