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Pirates of the Carribbean - At World's End: Blu-ray Review

There's plenty of hidden treasure inside this tale of adventure and love on the high-def seas.

Too much is never enough me maties - and third times the charm as this final round of Pirates blasts out with battles, bloodshed, demons, maelstroms and pretty much everything you expect to see but increased to the nth degree. Which even includes a bevy of Captain Jacks to accompany new and established characters and a fight to the death (or so it might seem).

Pulling out all the stops means attention to detail, be they small planks of wood, background objects or Man-o-Wars - especially since HD doesn't forgive poor presentations. Fortunately that's not a problem here, regardless of whether the view is small or grandiose, the beauty found at the horizon as well as at sea being more than worth the price of admission.

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