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Aiwa??? I thought they only made reel-to-reel tape players. Only old guys would know that name. Actually, Aiwa was purchased by Sony and eventually stopped using the name. But it's good to see someone still remembers them.
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Only reason I mention it is because I used to have a 8" Aiwa sub. They had a bigger model too but I doubt they manufacture them anymore.
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If you're going to put high end, might as well start with Wisdom Audio. I think to date, they still have the most capable HT subwoofer.
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didn't see Wharfedale or Meridian up there either. Prolly a lot of other Euro brands I'm forgetting too.

Might want to give em a shout.
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NEAR [New England Audio Research].
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I was looking on the Fender website and they actually offer a Home Theater sub...don't know if it's worth it or not but since this is a thread on subwoofers...I'm mentioning it.

While we are at it...there are a bunch of Pro Audio subs that some use as HT subs like Mackie that aren't being mentioned unless I totally missed it.

*I'm compiling a list of speaker and sub makers in my bookmarks for the helluv-it so this thread helps.

Adding a few to the list

PMC http://www.pmc-speakers.com/productC...ductCats&cid=1
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Listing of subwoofers with owner reviews - more subwoofer/woofer brands than I could ever have imagined:
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Sorry for bumping the thread but i feel like this is the best place to ask..I want to get a home subwoofer that i use to have around 10 years ago,i can't remember the brand but i can kind of remember the logo that was on the subwoofer,a blue bird wing maybe 2 connected together so can anyone tell me which brand it is
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You forgot Memphis Audio.
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alphasonik amazing subs
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boston acoustic
SMD(steave meade subs)
Rockford FOsgate
New PLanet Audio
Boss Audio
american bass

im forgetting a few but most companies are pretty well known by online shoppers stores dont sell most of them
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