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Better Cables - Great Service  

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Just thought I would drop a post to give a very big thumbs up to Better Cables. Courteous service, good prices and fast delivery. What else could you ask for? My drywaller shows up next Monday, and I forgot to run my projector cable. I didn't have time to get one built. The gentleman at Better Cables checked his instock, and he had already pre-made a VGA to 5 BNC cable in a 10 meter length. Just what I needed. Boom! I'm back in business....Good choice Dave and Alan.
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I have to wholeheartly agree. I just worked with Brad at BetterCables and ordered a component video cable = 4M and it is awesome. It is one of the better built cables I have seen.

A major thumbs up from me too.

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Bettercables.com is a classy knowledgeable company who now has fans/customers coast to coast. I'm happy with their service (yes, that means you Brad), prices, and most importantly, their products. Thanks AV Science for both Brad/BetterCables and Dennis/DEsign Cinema Privee. You've definitely scored TWO touchdowns with this combination...

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I've got a 13 meter VGA-to-5BNC cable on its way from BetterCables.com .

Can't wait to try it out! I'm going to try to cram 100 Khz of bandwidth through it (1280x720p at 120Hz refresh).

Mark Rejhon

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OK, wait...

Earlier I was told that pretty much any long run of cable would cause significant degredation of the picture. Is this no longer the case? I was looking for a 30' cable (the 13 meter sounds about right!) and was told it wouldn't work well.

... and Mark--may I ask how much you paid for the 13 meter VGA->RGBHV cable?
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Guess I'd better sign on here and say that I to had good experiences with Better Cables. Had a minor problem and sent Brad an EMAIL on Jan 1. I did not expect a response that day nor action on New Years.

Twenty minutes later, my problem was solved. Seems he was in the office and reading his messages.

Brad might want to change the name to something like "BETTER CABLES = BETTER SERVICE"

Paul V
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