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The Witcher

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This game was not even on my radar, but I gave it a chance, and it is surprisingly good.

What are your thoughts on this game?

Video Review (GT)
Written Review (IGN)

Patch 1.2
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I'm kind of skeptical. I don't want to play another oblivion, as there's too much time wasted in that game. If it's a bit more dungeon crawling and less wasting time doing fifty million quests then sure.
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Wait for patch, needs a game saving/loading patch. As you progress it takes longer and longer and longer to load between places. It is getting great word of mouth until that point which everyone hits and then it's being shelved until the upcoming patched is released.
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Looks good, but I think I'll read the book first and then play the game.
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Patch 1.2 is now available.
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What bummed me was that it's a Games for Windows title but has no Gamepad support..
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I hated obilvion/morrowind but I am having a lot of fun with this so far.
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i gotta agree with the above post...its a very well done game with great pacing and an easy to use interface thats very well put together...great game!!!!
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Yeah if I remember right it was on some great games of the year no ones played list.
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I've had this game for a couple of weeks now and love it. Should be RPG of the year IMO.
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Originally Posted by Quidam67 View Post

What bummed me was that it's a Games for Windows title but has no Gamepad support..

You can try Xpadder (do a google search on it). I want get this game later when I have more time.
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The Enhanced Edition has just been released. Is it worth $40? I never did play the original.
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I got this on Steam yesterday. I had stayed away from the original release due to the issues as well as the 'lame' name. Sorry the name just made me think it's lame.....To be honest...WOW what a great game! Seriously, if you like RPG's, just get it. I am extremely impressed so far! I have not had any real issues with crashes or loading either so it seems more or less fixed. If you do grab it and are in the US, you may want to go get the 'uncensored' patch which puts gore and nudie effects back in. Of course if you aren't into the adult content, you probably won't want to (it seems really pretty tame regardless thus far, I think they just wanted to avoid an AO rating in the USA but it's certainly no worse than an R rated movie).

Really, just get it!
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Is this the new 'Enhanced' version?

Was wondering what improvements were being made for the new release...before I started playing it...
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Yes it is the new enhanced version. Basically the glaring bugs are fixed, you get a bunch of junk (play guide,video, books etc) and the two add-on adventures.
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one of my top 10 games of all time
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Just got it (enhanced edition). Can't wait to try it!
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One of the best roll playing games I have ever played. Top notch (the enhanced edition that is). I loved it.
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I have just finished the two add-on adventures. They were OK, but not nearly long enough.

I am now thinking about starting over with a new game on Advanced mode.

Really like this game.

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