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RE: MP3 rip theory

Tom, that'd be "great" if it is true in the sense that we know a little more how to use the product as it was intended. I'd like to think on occasion I can be helpful as well. Could explain why my son had problem as well with his 'Weird Al' ones he would have just ripped and likely not with the Garth ones which I had done days earlier. The passage also indicated the blue lights blink when in standby mode...I haven't tried it again to see if they blink just after ripping in 'on' mode.

I hope Kenwood takes my earlier suggestion on changing the icon of the songs that are currently being compressed and are unavailable. They could use this icon --> ( )

Have a good one guys...

P.S. I suppose someone at Kenwood will 'tap the doc writer on the shoulder' and say "see someone actually read it" . I work with doc/technical_writers and they sometimes are discouraged...as well they should be because most of us users are lazy or actually we think we can just 'figure' it out.

Actually I have a lot of respect of the writers because they have pretty hard goals to meet.
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Tom & David -- what version of Lost World do you have? I was just at Best Buy and there seem to be multiple versions (PS2 Compatible, Fullscreen, DTS, Collectors'). I'm guessing there's something specific to the version I have.

*Kendwood* What's really odd is that the 5900 can "see" and "play" the disc, yet the Entre wants no part of it (won't even give me the "unknown disc" slot, the slot the disc is in just disappears from the Entre).

Tom -- good idea, I didn't realize anyone lived nearby.

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I definitely know of what you mean, as my wife is a Technical Writer!

Back to the Entre - I think that you're right that the blue lights only blink while compressing to MP3 format in standby. I don't remember them blinking while I ripped the CD to the HD with Entre power on. If so, that will make it harder to judge when songs are OK for transfer to a portable with power on! Your icon idea is a great one. Hopefully, Kenwood will come up with something here. Guess I'll start getting in the habit of waiting an hour, or so, before transferring recently ripped tracks to my protable.

I had another phantom stop last night with AVIA. This one was different in that I was doing some calibration work on my projector. I was fiddling around in the IRE windows for about 3 hours. At the "magic" 1:45 point I got dumped to the Kenwood blue screen. Clearly this is a time-based bug as I wasn't playing the disc straight through, but constantly repeating the same set of 11 tracks. Still can't explain how it happened to me in the first 5 minutes of one disc, however.

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Layer change for fast and furious DVD happened only 45 minutes or so into the movie - the layer change is surely a show stopper - have we heard anything Kenwood is doing to fix this??
I also lost lip sync in the movie for about 15 minutes in the last 40 minutes of the movie - Did anyone notice this??
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RE: manuals available on-line

3 Entre Manuals at Kenwood site
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At CES....Just wanted to say WHAT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT IS COMING FOR THE ENTRE from OpenGlobe!

More when I get backand have the OK to say it.
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RE: More on OpenGlobe

Doh!!! Teasing us....you should have just waited...you are so mean.

RE: Entre internet access
FYI, I have my DNS cache set up on my main computer as of last night and I noticed that the Entre appears to be accessing info.openglobe.net every half hour (it shows up as a cache hit). Not that it matters just a curiosity thing. In case you are wondering, I use ExtraDNS from ExtraTools and I have the server version. My hub/nat is providing the Entre with DNSes via DHCP.
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1. I have had at least 5 instances in the last few days of Entre completely locking up while just cursoring around the Movie Guide. It seems to happen mainly when inputting a character via the remote in order to jump directly to that section of the Guide. It also happened when changing from a genre back to the ALL genre - Entre locked up on the disc that it defaulted to in the ALL Guide. Discs that cause the lockup often seem to have generic cover art assigned (these are unknown discs that I've had to setup manually and choose generic cover art). I can't say 100% that it only locks up on discs like this, however. Needless to say this is HIGHLY annoying as you have to reboot Entre (a 3-5 minute process) in order to continue moving through the Guide! Is anyone else seeing such a high incidence of lockups while just cursoring through the Guides??

2. No matter what I do Entre will not recognize Disc 2 of THE ABYSS SE. My 5900M reads and plays the disc fine, but Entre will not see it. I have tried multiple slots all with the same effect. Has anyone gotten Entre to recognize this disc? This sounds real similar to the problem Heroildo is having with JURASSIC PARK 3.

3. The description in the OpenGlobe DB for the wonderful Criterion disc of FOR ALL MANKIND, is that for FRIDAY THE 13TH. Talk about an odd substitution!

Kenwood/Open Globe - after the infamous "phantom stop" bug, I sincerely hope you're taking active steps to improve the overall stability of Entre. It's INEXCUSABLE for this unit to lockup while merely cursoring around a Guide. I really don't appreciate paying $1500 to beta test this unit for you! Thanks for listening.

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I echo your sentiments! I happen to have the Abyss SE, I'll try it tonight. I am having that exact problem with JP II: Lost World. I'm waiting on another copy of JP II to see if it's my particular version of the movie (as there are many).

As for lockups --


The lockups do not just happen while scrolling through the guide -- they also happen when,

* shuffle play of "title" or "group" -- it will play for a while (can't tell you exactly how long, probably 1:45 (being sarcastic).

* playing and or editing radio stations

I'd better stop right here!

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I can confirm the same issue with Abyss SE Disc #2 -- it's nowhere to be found on the Entre and I can't force detection for that particular slot (it just goes away and never comes back).

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Thanks for trying that! Same behavior on mine - Entre doesn't see the disc at all. If I force a Quick Lookup or a Search By Range for that slot, Entre doesn't come up with anything. One time I let it go for 30 minutes before hitting EXIT. After exiting, that slot is nowhere to be found on Entre - it just disappears. This is reproducible in 2 different slots. The DV-5900M plays the disc fine when the slot it occupies is called up and play initiated directly from the changer. Another bug to add to the list!

I still owe you a try of JP2:TLW to see if it does the same thing on my Entre/5900M. I'll do that by tomorrow night and let you know.

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Just tried THE LOST WORLD (DTS/Widescreen) on my Entre/5900M. Same thing! It played fine on the 5900M, but Entre couldn't find it and doesn't report the slot it occupies in the Guide. The #$%@!&* piece of junk locked up on me again while I was checking this out for you. Scrolling through the Movie Guide to see if I could find the disc, and it locked up on THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES. This disc had the right cover art, so it's not limited to titles with generic cover art. I'll ask again, is anyone else seeing lockups of this magnitude while merely scrolling through the Guides, or is it just me??

I'm going to complain loudly to Kenwood Tech Support tomorrow. This is utterly ridiculous!! I have never been more dissatisfied with an electronics purchase in my life. David's news from CES that he alluded to earlier better be a blockbuster or I'm ready to punt this worthless box.

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I appreciate this thread very much, as I'm planning to by the Kenwood Sovereign DV-5050M (more basic version of the Entre-enhanceable systems
you're discussing). I'd just like to give Kenwood credit, however, for being (as far as I know) the first company to come out with a 400+ changer that can read Mp3 files. This allows (conservatively) 4,000 CDs' worth of music to be accessed via a single black box. I mean, this is a major space saver no matter what the glitches.
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I'll try the scrolling with my Entre today and tonight Update: you're correct, the unit DOES lockup during scrolling. I was able to duplicate the problem by going to "All", scrolling right to "Action" and then scrolling down a few pages, by the second or third page down, it locked up. I don't remember this happening. I have to reboot at least once a day, if I mess with any of it (like editing titles); geez, it's almost as bad as "Windows 95". This weekend I was trying some of the other features -- stupid me, I actually thought the other stuff would work; not a chance, as I said in a prior post -- the unit will lockup on random play of music, playing internet radio, etc. At the risk of being insulting, you can't help but ask yourself, "exactly how much testing went into this unit"?


I stopped myself yesterday, but I do have to say, I really don't put too much value (and I'm saying this as nicely as I possibly can) in what these two companies have "planned" for the unit.

I'm more interested in seeing these two units work together and allowing me to get my $1500+ worth. I've just about given up hope of using it for music (it's too unpredictable and way too limited on disk space). The icing on the cake, I've got less than 75 slots left (didn't think I would get there) and I'm just not gettting a warm feeling about them "fixing" the multi-changer control issue.

All I can say is, I'm glad I bought these units with an extended warranty -- as big a rip-off as these warranties are, they will have to take the Entre back and give me credit towards something else (no lemon guarantee). The DV-5900M is another matter, the unit does "work" (for the most part), unless of course they're not able to fix the "eject" button and the constant "this disk cannot be played" -- then I guess they'd take that back too.

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RE: Microsoft will provide some competition it appears
No doubt you guys have been reading about all the XP promises at CES. Certainly has me pondering on whether to buy a Axcess ( http://www.kenwoodusa.com/product/pr...productId=2358 ) to go along with the Entre.



I haven't had the locking up on the menu but I don't think I'm using it as actively as you guys since it is in a temporary spot until the HT gets done. I may try the above 'flow' to see if I can lock it up as well.
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The Sovereign line was prominent at the Kenwood display. One of the "helpful" guys started explaining it to me, and I stopped him short, told him I owned one, and two DVD changers, and that I regularly participate in the forum.

The subject inevitably turned to the Entre's control-of-changers capacity, and, lamentably, he said that Kenwood had "never" stated that the Entre would control more than one changer, only that the Kenwood could control more than one "type" of changer, those being the 5900M and the 5050M. I politely told him that Kenwood's website should be consulted on that point, and I was tempted to ask him what the "third" changer was that the Entre would control, since the website has always stated that the Entre controls "up to three."

Anyway, what I heard from him on this point is that Kenwood basically has to "invent" a new device altogether, if the multiple changers are going to work, and there's no telling if that can be done. I don't want to start a new rant on that point, but this is a thorn that remains in my side.

Pioneer has a product that will compete. It's called the Digital Library, or someting like that, and they were demo-ing it at CES. Pioneer wasn't terribly specific on how it will integrate with its current changers, and I asked if new ones would come out, and I got a market-speak-politico-reply that basically was "Pioneer recognizes that it needs to change with the technology times." Interpretation: Probably, but it's not even on the drawing board yet.

The Pioneer rep specifically told me, however, that this was Pioneer's response to the Entre. Hooray for competition.

Then I went over to the other changer giant, Sony, to see what they had cooked up in response. I searched all day for Sony's exhibit, because the number on the sheet was a number that just had a few items on display from various manufacturers.

Sony wasn't there. Got that? Sony wasn't at CES2002. They sent an obligatory guy and a single television set. No joke.

You know . . . as much as I don't like the shortcomings of the Entre, its promise still strongly outweighs its deficiencies. This is where it's all going, and, believe me, this thread, and the people on this thread, are going to see Entre or Entre-like products absolutely engulf things. DVDs are too cheap, too plentiful, and management is too necessary. And the internet is too viable and loaded with potential not to tap into it.

Will Entre keep its lead? I hope that others chase Kenwood and push this area to perfection. If Kenwood comes out on top, which it is now--yes, I said that--all power to them. They need help in trying to market things long-term, like telling the truth always, but give them credit for such a forward-looking product that left everyone, and I mean everyone, in the dust.

Stay tuned. Tout the advantages of Entre, and other manufacturers will be tempted to build that better mousetrap. But don't stop reminding Kenwood to fix the one we've already purchased.

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The lockups while scrolling are difficult for me to reproduce 100% of the time; for some reason it doesn't happen all the time (which is probably why it's so difficult to fix). I'm not sure, maybe it has something to do with what you've done while the unit was on. The thought of me sitting there trying to make the unit lockup ... bugs me ... in a big way!

I would take what that guy at CES said with a grain of salt -- it's amazing how much miscommunciation there is in large companies; look at Denon and their AVR-5800 upgrade. I don't understand what the problem in controlling multiple changers could be -- the Fireball supposedly will do this (granted via multiple RS-232 connections), so there is software in place and the DV-5900M already controls multiple changers.

Does anyone know of any unit out there that allows for upgradeable storage of MP3 files or can support multiple CD changers?

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well i've given up on the entre for now and have started to manually input my dvds into the 5900.

hope to hear some good news for a change.
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just got this from remote central. so it does seem the advanced codes do exist.


The below is in the Code Hunter forum:

Original Post:


"Thanks a million!!! The 2 inner turns off the unit and the two outer turns on the unit. I was having a difficult time getting any info from Kenwood. Thanks again!"

Can someone post the IR codes captured usign the keys as described above for On and Off here? I have the 5050 and it does not have the keyboard! THANKS!
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Hi All...

Well, here is some news I recived from OpenGlobe and was able to use and try at CES...

One of the powers of the OpenGlobe system is that of a relational database of information. Coming very soon you will find this power put to use. You will be able to lookup CD or DVD info and find all sorts of information on the disc. You will also be able to ask it to show items like other movies actor X has been in or other pices of information in regards to a movie or a CD. More or less, a complete media library for the Entre. This new system will be called the "Open Globe Entertainment Services".

Or how they put it..."In-depth information behind the scenes of music and movies. Explore favorite artist/actor: biographies, discographies, filmographies and influences."


OpenGlobe also is now also working with Sirius Satellite for Audio Internet streaming for radio! That will also be coming very soon.

Kenwood & Openglobe both said that fixes for the shop issue at about 1:45 in has seemed to be resolved and will be downlaoded soon.

Openglobe is working very hard on the DVD lookup. Was informated that soon we should see hit rates as good as when a CD is looked up.

On the Kenwood 3 second layer change...well, I did some looking into this. Was told that multi-media playback from a unit (meaning MP3, CD, DVD, VCD, etc) is an issue with other units as well and not just the Kenwood. This seems to be a hardware issue in any unit that do MP3's from what I can see. Something with reading the disc, or how it is read looking for content type. I would have liked to see that once it knows it is a DVD, it stays in DVD mode without looking upon a layer change. I have yet to have this confirmed that it is infact a hardware issue with the media and can not be fixed via software.

So, if you do not have a broadband connection...get one for your Entre unit...their is going to be a lot it can do.
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Two good pieces of information, that is.

First, I can confirm that the discrete on/off codes for the DV-5900M and the DV-5050M are, as stated above, accessible from the keyboard remote supplied with the 5900. I've tried it and have taught my ProntoPro those codes.

Second, David's news is what I've always anticipated would be available, and one of the reasons I bought the Entre to begin with. I'm betting that most of the dvd information will be the stuff that is on the jackets, but if you've ever taken the time to read those jackets you'll see there's a lot of information there. Things like whether the disc is anamorphic, whether there's a 5.1 track, whether there's a DTS track.

By the way, contrary to what I'd read, I do not believe that the Entre will "automatically" fill in information where it was previously lacking. For example, I have a disc called Soapdish which was only recently released on dvd. I had preordered it so, a few weeks ago, it was delivered to me on the very day of its release. There was no information on OpenGlobe, nor did I expect it because of its relative newness.

I nevertheless entered the title manually, and gave it the generic cover from the Entre. I turned to that disc the other day, did a "search for disc," and found it. Cover art, etc. were all there. My point is that, in numerous loading sessions between the time I'd purchased the disc, and the other day, the Entre did not deliver what had been missing. I had to do the lookup myself, and only then found that the information had made its way to OpenGlobe.

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Did they say anything about being able to connect another unit to the Entre. Are they going to try to get it to work at least?
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Carbo...Yes, both Kenwood and Openglobe saying it was being worked on. It will require a hardware add-on and of course software changes to connect multi units. No time line, do not know what phase they are in, but know that something is being worked on.
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What a great forum. Sure wish I had stumbled on it about a week ago.

Okay here is the situation. I bought two DV-5050m's from Crutchfield last week, excited at the prospect of being able to handle my growing DVD collection (currently about 340) from a single interface, and also upgrading to progressive scan in the process.

The interface of these units is absolutely terrible (no sorting... well why say what others have already said more eloquently). Additionally, when viewing a disc from the "slave" unit, I get TERRIBLE flicker on the screen. This only occurs if the slave unit is set to progressive scan. Kenwood's support (Nick, a helpful technician) is supposedly calling me back tonight about that latter issue.

If they can fix the flicker issue noted above, I was thinking of buying the Entre since based on what I read on the web it would resolve the interface issues and give me one cohesive interface for my whole DVD collection.

But based on what I'm reading in this forum, I am really torn. I suppose the biggest concern I have is that from what I've seen here, despite what Kenwood's web site says the Entre can only aggregate data from ONE changer. The lockup problems and disc registering problems seem frustrating too, but I suspect that with firmware updates they will address such bugs.

So I'm asking for the group's collective advice. I can return the DV-5050's to Kenwood as long as I do so within the next two weeks. Should I do so, or should I move forward and buy the Entre?


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Only you can make the decision, but I would advise you to return the units. Why?

(a) there's obviously some sort of problem with the video output while using a chained unit (flickering); unless Kenwood can fix the problem before you're forced into keeping the units -- I would definitely return it.

(b) the ability to control both units via the Ente is not there -- I'm also waiting for this feature before purchasing my next DV5900M.

Just my 2 cents.

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I think it really depends on your expectations.

For instance, if you're not as detailed-oriented as some folks on this forum, the DV-series changers can be seen as incredibly slick, useful, and a welcome addition to any home theater.

As an example, the 3 reviews I've seen in A/V mags all give it accolades. They, however, didn't delve into the details and didn't have very high expectations in the first place for user interace and speed, apparently.

I own a DV-5900M. I had high expectations that were dashed by the shortcomings of this unit. However, I chose NOT to return it because it still gives me a library of every single disc of my media under one roof and one interface (however flawed it is). I really like the unit, however overpriced and flawed I think it is.

The positives still far outweigh the negatives for me. If there was direct competition feature-for-feature, I'd definitely research before purchasing. However, nothing is out there with the same feature set as the 5900M, so I have nothing to compare it to except itself and my own expectations.
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Thanks for your quick reply. I just got off the phone with Kenwood, and they told me that there are no definite plans to allow the Entre to support more than one changer.

Unfortunately this makes everything else a moot point. I guess I'll just return both of the 5050's and if Kenwood gets their act together later, buy them again. Hate to have to do that (especially since I now have to move 340 discs out and back into their original packaging) but since Kenwood won't commit that the Entre will actually do what the brochures and web say it will, I see little alternative.

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"...no definite plans to allow the Entre to support more than one changer."

Wonder who you spoke with on that one? All my sources says it is being worked on and that it will be a hardware addition. It is just not something that will happen over night. I am not the only one to be told it is being worked on.
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For what it's worth, I spoke to "Nick" in Kenwood's Tech Support. I reached him at 800-KENWOOD.

He was very helpful. To elaborate a bit on what he said...

He told me that the brochures and web state that the Entre can handle up to three changers, but that is incorrect. It can only control one changer. They are working on getting it to control three, but do not have any estimate as to when this feature will be implemented. He did not mention that it would involve yet another piece of hardware.

I explained that if Kenwood would at least give me some kind of commitment that the feature WOULD be implemented, I would keep my two DV-5050m's and buy an Entre. Such as, "we'll do this within 6 months". But he said they couldn't promise anything.

So I told him not to worry about continuing to work on the flicker problem. I will just send the DVD changers back to Crutchfield. I really hate to do this, but I'm not willing to wait until my money-back-guarantee expires to find out that I'm screwed.

Sure appreciate all the feedback.

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So Mike...then what you said about is not really correct.
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