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Just got DISH NETWORK and I don't know how to get HD channel for FOX?

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I got home and see that my mom had them over to set it up. I wasn't there to see the setup so I'm betting I missed out on some important information regarding this

All I see is Standard FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS, before receiving this Direct TV setup I was able to get them and now they are nowhere to be found.
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Which provider do you have? What model receiver? How were you getting them before?
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Did you check to see whether they offered that channel before you subscribed?

Dish Network and DirecTV do not offer all HD locals in all areas.
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Before the Dish Network. I was getting over the air HD channel by the QAM tuner from my Samsung HDTV.

The receiver model is #322 DP Plus. I just found out that the package that we bought is the DISH 500 package.

These were the channel that I was getting in HD (Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, and a few others)
I would get them by having the TV search for channel when I selected "Auto Program"
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Do you still have the cable package? How is the 322 attached to your TV. You should still be able to attach the cable like it was as long as you have basic service and just switch inputs to the tuner in your set for your locals via QAM.

By the way, can you edit the title on your original post to correct the sat provider.
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It's kind a confusing.

One coaxial cable from the receiver is connected into the tv "Cable" coaxial input.
Another set of cable - "composite cable" from the receiver is connected into the tv in the audio/video 2 input.
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You can remove the coax cable from the receiver to the TV, should be using component or DVI/HDMI to feed HD into the set from the 322.
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The 322 is only a standard def, dual-tuner, and can only output through coax, composite or s-video.

When they install it, it's standard to hook it up to the main TV (where the tuner's located) through an A/V connection, and then they just run coax out from the 2nd tuner to the TV in another room.

It's possible that they disconnected the cable wires from the outlet in order to run the satellite cables there. That's what they did to me (I also have the 322 and SD-only from Dish), but I didn't mind because I was cancelling the cable anyway, and I get my local HD over the air.

But if your mom cancelled the cable service, you're SOL for the local HD, unless you either upgrade your receiver, and package (and possibly the dish, too), or use an indoor or outdoor antenna. Or you could just order the limited basic locals from cable again (usually $12.-$15.), like was mentioned above. Hopefully, Dish didn't just splice into your cable line somewhere outside the house so the cable company (or yourself) won't have to run a whole, new separate line again.

Since they just put it in, you could possibly get them to swap the equipment out, if you tell them you'll be cancelling otherwise. (If you do have them come back out, I'd make sure they run separate lines and re-attach the cable.)

But even with something like the 222 dual-tuner, although you'll get HD to the main set, you'll still only get SD to the second one. You'd have to rent two, 211 single-HD tuners to get HD at both sets.
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Is it $12 to 15 every month for local channel in HD or is that a one time payment?

Here is what I found out so far, I disconnected the Coax from the receiver that was connected into the "Cable" output in the TV and hooked back in the regular coax cable that I have been using all along and I see that I still have basic cable and those local HD channel when I let the tv search for those channel in "auto program" mode.

Is there a way for me to connect both the Dish receiver coax and the just the basic coax into that one "cable" input in the tv? Because right now it seems that if I wanted to watch football game on Fox and CBS in HD I would have to disconnect the Dish receiver and plug in the regular cable wire back in.
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Alright this is what I just tried.

I took out the DISH receiver that was connected in the cable input on the tv and hooked it into the "Air" input on the tv and see that it still works. (I'm getting HBO and all those channel from the Dish).

For my regular basic cable I hooked it back into the cable coax input on the tv and it works fine.

1. Is my way of doing things going to damage anything? Since I hooked up the DISH receiver in the "Air" coax input instead of "cable" coax input.

2. Will this degrade the picture when watching films on the DISH Network?
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That should work perfect, you're lucky you have a set with more then one RF in.

The $12-$15 fee is monthly for the basic tier.
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If the feed from the Dish tuner to your "Air" input is from the 322's main (1st) tuner, you will need to watch it over channel 3, if it's from the 2nd tuner in the 322, it's probably set to the default channel 60, and that's what you'll need to tune the TV to.

Sounds like you won't need to re-order and pay for that limited basic cable, as long as you're still getting it.
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Now I noticed something strange.

Alright I just unhooked the Coax cable from the back of my 322 called "TV Ch3-4 Out" and I see that I am still getting the Dish Network since I have the Dish connected to my tv by using "S-Video".

So what exactly is that that coax cable that is plugged in the "TV Ch3-4 Out" of the receiver and was connected to my tv coax input?
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Nothing useful, apparently. He must've just hooked it up for good measure.
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