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Need advice on a private sale (for Sony 32" XBR Wega)

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Someone is selling a SONY 32" XBR FD TRINITRON WEGA near my city, but he is pretty far and I don't have a vehicle to get out to him. He said he would deliver it to me, as he works in the city. But I have no easy way of previewing this set (ie the image quality) before purchase.

The price might be right though?

Which supports: 1080i, 960p (?), 480p, 480i

He is including a JVC 5.1 speaker system too.

Total: $450 Canadian.

He has dropped it down from a previous ad, from $550. He bought a plasma, so has no need for this. I could probably bring the price down.

Is this worth a blind buy ? The money is not an issue for me, it's the possibility of buying a piece of crap which weighs 170 pounds and I may have to dispose of, which bothers me.

I am trying to figure out when did the KV32XBR450 come out... it looks like 2002 (by looking at reviews on the net). So at max, this set is 5 years old.

It doesn't have 720p, but I assume that 720p signals will be converted to 1080i. How will that look? And a lot of people say 720p looks better than 1080i too.

There are new Samsung Slimfit CRT's for sale around here, in retail and classifieds. They have HDMI ports and 720p, and so much smaller and lighter... but I read nothing but horrible things about picture quality, humming, and failed sets.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated!

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I don't know about the Canadian market, but here in the US the pricing on these large Sony HD CRTs has really collapsed. People are selling them in order to buy larger LCD, DLP and plasma displays

In US dollars, the 32" TVs often sell for under $300 US. And I've seen the 36" sets, such as the KV-36XBR400 that I own, sell sell for as little as $300 US.

So if the Canadian market is similar, that $450 price seems high, even with delivery.

On the question of buying the set blind, I wouldn't do it unless you really trust the seller. If possible, I would try to find one closer that you can, somehow, see working before buying. These sets are incredibly heavy and it would be a real pain to dispose of one that had problems.

Also, if you don't like the smell of smoke, ask any prospective seller if the TV has always been kept in a smoke-free environment. It can be incredibly difficult to get a smoke smell out of a TV.

Good luck with whatever you buy!

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According to Sony's website the set only accepts these inputs:
1080i inputs: 1080i
480p inputs: 480p
480i inputs: 960i/480p

Beware that it won't accept 720p or 1080p. So you can forget about 360/PS3 gaming, and all 720p cable channels will have to be rescaled by a cable box.
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