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Help deciding on HD Players please

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I know it's somewhat a personal taste, but I am looking to jump into the HD formats since upgrading to a Sony XBR4 LCD TV. Specifically, I would like to get feedback from the owners of HD players on what route I might should go for getting BOTH formats. Since there are DVDs I want on both formats, I don't see them dying soon and may end up like SACD and DVD-A both living together. So, here are my options:

1. Buy a Samsung 5000 duel format player (if, when and how good is anyones guess).

2. Buy separates like a Sony S500 (best sub $1000 player?) and Toshiba A35.

3. Buy a PS3 and Toshiba A35.

I have read the "owners" threads on them and find it a little troublesome since most owners complain about certain issues it seems with all of them. Basically, I want a TOP line player or players with price not being factored in if under $1,000 per unit. Since the combo Samsung is not out I was leaning to the others since there are some good deals right now during Christmas and getting FREE movies. I would love a better model than the A35, but that seems to be the only one.

Should I buy now or wait until after CES 2008? I hear there may be some new HD-DVD players, but they could be 6 moths away. Thanks for any advice, thoughts, etc.
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I love HD.

I dont care if its hd dvd or blu ray but I went hd-dvd first because i could buy a player for half the money of blu ray not to mention the fact that blu ray seems to have a new version every time i check its 1.0 now its 1.1 and there is a 1.2 i believe now too.

So when i saw the samsung 5000 and the LG 200 players announced i was like thats it. There was supposed to be out in october but i have yet to see one.

Since then the prices of HDDVD and Blu ray droped dramatically so now am not sure if its a good idea to get one of these guys when you can have a Toshiba A35 for 350 and a samsung 1400 for 299. It will cost you 650 dollars for both of them while the LG and Samsung 5000 will cost 799.

The Ps3 is a bit too loud for my taste but its future proof or you can go with the panasonic BD30, I hear its an excellent player it's fast and meets the 1.1 blue ray specifications. I've seen the panasonic as low as 429 and the Ps3 40GB as low as 400 if not lower.

My self I will be getting the Panasonic player as my holiday gift unless the Samsung 5000 or LG get some insane good reviews then i will think about it.
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