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Contrast from a favorite movie scene?

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Is there any scenes from some movies that you guys would use regularly to set your contrast level on a plasma with? I know all about the colorimeters and I have 2 different DVE type disks that I use for my set, but in layman's terms, I can not find the sweet spot for my contrast. My Samsung plasma doesn't clip whites at any setting on test patterns, so I can max it out at 100, but I think in some TV viewing this is too much. So, can anyone give me some DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD thoughts on scenes to show where to look at getting the best setting for the contrast. You guys know alot more about this than me, so I hope for some good examples to look for.

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There are typically 3 items to look at when setting contrast on digital displays.

1. White Crush/Clipping.

2. After you achieve 1 ... now look for discoloration in the grayscale. Typically it turns a pink color. Reduce contrast further until discoloration goes away.

3. After setting 2... now we get to subjective world. Eye fatigue factor. This differs for everyone and also depends on the time of day ... the ambient light ... your emotional state ... and physical state. If the contrast level is still too high ... as in ... it hurts your eyes ... then turn it down.

4. Smpte / THX recommend 30 ft-L from a direct view display based on a 100% white windowbox pattern.

The Monster ISF test disc has a wonderful pattern with a guy in a white shirt ... used for setting contrast. Turn it too high and all the detail in the shirt vanishes. Bring back the detail and his shirt might now be pink ... Take it down more until his shirt looks white. Then you look at fatigue factors.

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