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I had the Marantz 11S2 and went to a Mits HC9000D. I love it and love the extra brightness it provides. I tried JVC but I didn't like the softness of it. The HC9000 is very sharp and is almost as good as the Marantz. But you will find nothing as sharp as the Marantz VP11s2. I thought the move to the HC9000 was an overall upgrade in 2D viewing.

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Originally Posted by slots1 View Post

But, does Sim2 line have a similar price point. Both the JVC and Sony are a US list price of 8,000.

No Sim2's generally retail for higher. They are DLP which may/may not be an advantage to a certain person... As another said most anything you don't pay retail for anymore.

There are pros and cons to the JVC and Sony... Can you describe your setup? If you prefer you can shoot me an email or call...
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Thanks for the kind words guys...

With regards to the streaming stuff...

Remember, with the Marantz or really any truly accurate display device, garbage in, garbage out. I love netflix streaming on the 50" plasma display in my bedroom. At 12' viewing distance, the size of the image makes it like a large TV, plus the signal is going through a Lumagen, which is essentially the same processing as the S2. But blowing that up to movie size, makes it very hard to watch. Even Vudu at the highest quality is no match for a good BD. As long as you continue to get reference quality displays, you gotta live with the consequences...


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Dan it was great seeing and talking to you at the avs party. Since we have not moved yet i do not have to decide on another projector. the marantz is great. What do you think of the Sim2 projectors?
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I have a few questions that needed to be asked when I bought the Marantz but only reminded me over the weekend in visiting a neighbors house.

He has had a JVC and Sony and mentioned that his bulb lasts about 15,000 hours and costs around $250-300 dollars to replace.

Obviously I had no way of verifying that and at this point take him at his word.

The Marantz states that the bulb only lasts 2000 hours and the replacement is $600.00, you can get just the bulb but it is not that much cheaper and then I would run the risk of having to get involved in the housing part.

If true, can someone explain the extreme discrepancy in the amount of hours and the bulb costs ?

If for no other reason then to satisfy my mind and curiosity as I still think it is as good as anything I have seen.


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Lamps are getting pretty hard to find. And when you do, you will pay a high price for them as this projector is getting old in the tooth. I sold my entire VP12S4 for about $750 with a extra new lamp! So, you might even consider finding a used PJ instead. Remember, the S3 & S4 use the same lamp.

The lamps usually come in the housing, so easy to change out. Beware of some of the aftermarket companies that do refurbished non-Marantz lamp assemblies, they have been very iffy.

Lastly, why not just get a new PJ? The quality of the new models is better than the S4. I just replaced my S4 with a recent Sony VPL-VW95 and it's night and day better. Just a thought.
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I have three brand new bulbs for both the VP-11S2/15S1 just in case someone is interested. Please send me PM.
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I will be getting the Oppo 103 Blu-Ray Player with the Marvell Kyoto-G2H video processor .
Also It uses cutting-edge Qdeo technology to process upconversions for lower resolution content like DVDs and low-quality streams from the Internet.

I just sold the Oppo 83 and used the source direct for the Video processor in the Marantz.

Does any one have experience with the newer Video processor in the Oppo and should that be now used over the Marantz which is 4-5 years old.


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For upconverting the Oppo will yield better results.
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The Oppo 83 would have resulted in better scaling than the Marantz too. I also think it was as good as the current player for DVD scaling, some say even better.
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"The Oppo 83 would have resulted in better scaling than the Marantz too. I also think it was as good as the current player for DVD scaling, some say even better."



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