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First off thanks to everybody who posts great insightful comments on these boards. I have read these boards for a long time and now that I am actually ready to pull the trigger on buying some new stuff I decided to actually sign up.

Secondly, I apologize for creating yet another "self satisfying" question thread. (Especially this being my first post) As I am sure I am the only one with this receiver. (Probably the equivalent of the AVR-688 but from 4 years ago.)

I bought this in Japan when I was in the Navy about 4 years ago. Loved it, sounded great. However, recently, both the center channel speaker and right rear speaker produce a constant underling static (while simultaneously outputting what it supposed to play) and sometimes even make a violent cracking sound (especially when there is supposed to be silence or a low level of sound). This pretty makes listening to jazz (actually...anything with dynamics) and movie watching impossible.

Just wondering if this is an amp or processor problem. Depending on which it is...Is it worth trying to get this fixed (especially this being a Japanese model)?

I really want to hold off buying a high end receiver for another year if possible. This year it is all about the video.

Thank you very much for your time.