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Barco 708 rs232 control

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The cheap barco 708 I picked up did not come with any remote. The remote is only kind of vaguely required, as there is a built in control pad missing only one button. I want to use the rs232 port to control it just for the bit where you put in distance from the screen, screen width, etc. I'm not sure if it even does anything, but I am having odd troubles with the very center of the screen's convergence.

I want to use a Macintosh Performa 6360, so I am looking for the older mac version of the control software. If this fails I will use the dos one, a version of which I have seen floating about the internets, but this performa has been sitting in the corner for 6 months doing absolutely nothing since someone gave it to me, as they heard I like old computers. Nice sentiment, and correct, but you can only have so many useless pices of crap.
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Originally Posted by sam.herzberg View Post

... the bit where you put in distance from the screen, screen width, etc.

Where/when exactly does this part come in? Is this something in guided setup, or is it done manually? (And is it necessary?)

P.S. Sorry to hijack or veer off topic... Just lurking and waiting for my screen to arrive before I jump back into my own 708 setup.

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In the menu under "Installation". You input your screen size and the system tells you the throw distance. It also tells you the schemphug setting

I did not know there was a Mac version of the Barco Control Program. I use the PC version with a laptop.
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Does it just tell you the proper distances? because I already figured that out with the equations in the manual. I thought that maybe my problems with the red tube projecting to high to converge were related to this.

The user manual has a section which talks about connecting a computer to the rs232 port, and says PC or mac. I know they have mac software for their more modern projectors.

I'm thinking I should just bite the bullet and get a remote anyway, as I don't think you can change memory blocks without the remote, so switching between widescreen and fullscreen 480p requires going into the settings for a bit, and probably screwing up convergence. If my input 5 didn't cause the black level to be strange (macrovision-like effects) I could use that.
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