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@Dave: It absolutely sounds like you should replace the bulb. Your symptoms are just like mine (see my earlier post in this thread @ 07-13-10, 10:30 AM). I've never had a bulb last six years, nor did I ever get a warning before the bulb started acting up.
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Thanks Eric. Sounds like I'll be buying a bulb and seeing if this does the trick. Will let everyone know outcome shortly.
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I need help with finding part # d1301 on a lseb3131a ballast board.can find all others and have replaced the code light have changed but tv still does not come on.
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Hi guys
I'm new to this forum
My timer wont reset
I have problem with reseting my lamp

Ater i reset it and i get message lamp was reset to 0 problem comes back every time when i turn on my TV
Its not reseting my timer

When i went to service menu it shows me that i have over 500k hours on it which is imposibble because that equals to 62yrs

Anyone had prolem with reseting like that?

How to fix that
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There is a link to a couple of manuals earlier in this post if it matches your model you can download one.Ithink the insructions are different for each model.
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Here is my story. TV went out, a bunch of power button flashes then the lamp led flashed once every 5 seconds. BUT, when I tried to turn the TV back on it WILL light up for about 10 to 20 seconds, show content and then cut off again with the lamp led flashing. looked at the ballast and lamp from behind and the lamp fires off and the very first try every time, runs for 10-20 seconds and same thing.

Bought the repair kit mentioned here and replaced everything from the kit. Also bought a new bulb at the same time for good measure, didn't want a damaged bulb to potentially damage something else.

Now with the new bulb, I get absolutely nothing. The ballast tries to fire the bulb, as before, cycles about 6 times and then you get the flashing power light, followed by the lamp led.

I put the old bulb back in to try it out and it fires the bulb the very first time, with exactly the same original problem, 10 to 20 seconds then lights out.

With the new bulb, when the ballast fires you can see the sparks in the bulb every time it tries to fire but the bulb will not light.

I don't think I had a ballast issue in the first place but I don't mind that I replaced the ballast parts. I think I may have gotten a bad replacement bulb and just both bulbs are bad.

Anyone else have any thoughts before I buy another bulb?
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I think you got a bad bulb ,alot of the cheaper bulbs did that in the other posts and they said they had to get an oem bullb .mine already had a $400 bulb so i just bought another tv these are not worth risking that much on.
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I need some help. The ballst board is bad, Panasonic support did confirm that. I have a picture for about a minute and after that it turns off. I got a ballast replacement kit, however which part to replace? There is only one k2842 (i believe power transistor) in the kit but there are four on the board. How to tell which one should be replaced?
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My board has 4 to,three have 3 pins on them and one only has 2 try replacing the one with 2.Alot of people got theirs fixed without those parts and some ordered 3 more parts from a supplier they are pretty cheap if you do a search for them.
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Thank you gunman, here is some update. I did change all parts provided in ballast repair kit (a transistor you suggested). (By the way there was no visual damage to parts in the ballast board, fuse was ok). Now I can turn TV for 1 minute (same like previously) but this time power led and lamp LED are blinking red I was able to get to service mode it says TV is 15K jours, lamp is 7K. However previous owner says that the first lamp was changed in 2007, and this one in 2010. He is not sure if the lamp counter has been reseted though. Image is maybe a little dim, hard to tell since it powers off after one minute. Should I "cheat" and try to reset the counter or you think it is really a problem with lamp? (But why did it show only ballast problem previously? Is it possible that in fact I did not fix the ballast at all?)
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I would guess that the board is not repaired.All i can tell you is that mine done about the same as yours it was indicating that ballast board was bad and i called panasonic and they said it was after i told them the blinks i was getting.I put the kit in and tried it and the lamp ,temp lamp and power led were all blinking red.Look in this thread and find where they show you how to check your tempature fuse on mine it is in a holder just above the lamp ,this thread or one in it shows how to just jump over it to test.I would try this cause it is easy to do.A new board is about $280 and it could be in the main power board so i didn't go any further.
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So I've got the PT60LC14 and replaced the lamp last year. Now, it will randomly shut off and the LED blinks yellow 2 times every 5 seconds and it won't turn back on for 10 minutes or so after the LED goes red then green. The manual says that means poor lamp connection. I checked all the connections and secured the + and - on the lamp...no change. Anybody have any wisdom to share? do I need the ballast repair kit? Thanks

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I would try another bulb unless yours was a good oem replacement .people have had a lot of early failures with some of the bulbs.them you could do the ballast board kit.
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OK, here's my short story.

I got my TV for free a couple of years ago, not working, and did my homework here. Thanks for the incredible contributions! You are all truly generous people. I only wish I could reciprocate.

So I installed the ballast repair kit, and it worked. It's been a couple of years since, and I replaced one bulb along the way.

But recently while watching the TV, the bulb loudly blew. OK, so I got a new OEM Philips bulb, but it won't work. The flashes indicate a ballast problem again.

Should I just get another kit and install it?
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I guess you could try the kit again and then i would try to get the bulb you just bought replaced with another one. It don't seem the board would go bad at the same time a bulb blew up.
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I have a PT-50LC13 that had all the symptoms of a ballast issue according to previous posts. I performed the install of the ballast repair kit + 3 additional transistors and now get a different symptom. The lamp powers up for about 5 seconds then shuts down. The TEMP indicator flashes 1 time then 3 times with 5 seconds in between then repeats the sequence. I pulled the Error Indicator Information from a previous post but it is not clear enough for me to read with confidence. Does anyone have ideas of next steps?
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Originally Posted by gunman1972 View Post

I would try another bulb unless yours was a good oem replacement .people have had a lot of early failures with some of the bulbs.them you could do the ballast board kit.

The TV will work fine for 10 or 15 minutes and then shut down. If the bulb was blown I can't imagine it would work temporarily, but I am by no means an expert. I'm doing the ballast kit today, but next I might explore some temperature related fixes (?overheating). I didn't notice the fan not working, but we will see. Not ready to scrap this thing yet.
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I have the PT 50lc13 that I got for free a few weeks ago in unkown condition. I ran it fine for a few day with the exception of a large yellow like spot in the center of the screen. Fixed it with a used mirror/lens assembly off of ebay. After turning it back on the picture was great but the bulb turned off after about 5 min or so with the usually heard error 5 flashing code, now the bulb stays on for about 10sec before shutting off. Im awaiting delivery of a ballast repair kit but after ALOT of reading on here Im not fully confident that it will take care of the problem. I also ordered 4 more of the power transistors to get them all replaced along with the switching on on the other heat sink (will also assemble everything with heat sink compound). More reading reviles that others think a bad bulb will start drawing more current and cause and overload shutdown on the ballast so I also have a new bulb on order. Something I noticed in my trouble shooting is that when the bulb lights and starts warming up, the ballast starts buzzing right befor it shuts down (extra current be drawn?). Anyways Im hitting about my limit for how much I want to spend on this thing and I really hope this takes care of it. Ill let you all know how it goes.
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So I had gotten all my parts in the mail minus the extra power transistors I ordered (slow boat from Hong Kong). I installed the new bulb and the repair kit, the only exception is that I installed the power transistor into location Q1304. Q1304 is the same component and after reviewing the schematic it shows it is much more critical than those in the DC/AC converter section, its heat sink is also much larger. So reassembled everything and IT WORKS! Ben running it for about three days now and everything appears so be good. Before resetting the lamp timer I checked it for the old bulb it it had 3,610 hrs on it with 7800 LON, the set total is 23,650. I don't know what was the actual fix for it but this combination worked for me. Hope this helps someone!
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I have the PT-50LC13 and installed the parts in my kit with the exception of the fuse and black part. When I turned on the unit, I was pleased I got the picture. Then after about three minutes, it turned off and now the bulb won't fire up anymore. Is there something else I can check to see what the issue is? I saw an earlier post that had this same issue but there wasn't any reply to his issue that I could find. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Was thrilled to find this kit mentioned on the forum when I Googled for solutions but am stumped where to go with this now......debating whether to break it down again and replace the Q1304 transistor mentioned in the previous post but wanted to see if there's anything more practical.

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I wish I could lend some more info but I don't think my problem was the same as yours as my bulb always lit, but just would not say on for more than a min or so. I did some meter reading on some of the other components as I replaced them and they seemed OK as far as I could tell. I feel the success of my repair ether laid in the Q1304 or the new bulb. Best of luck!
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Thank God other people have had similar problems and were able to fix it, I'm new to this forum but I'm hoping someone could help me out, I have a Panasonic PT-60LC14, the TV wont turn on for more than a couple seconds... then the temp light flashes once every 5 seconds. Someone told me it might be the ballasts? if anyone has any ideas , or had the same problem, I could really use the help
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I just finished upgrading the components of the ballast board as previous post suggested. When I play a DVD through my component I can see the picture on the TV screen, but when I try to watch cable I get no picture. I can see the menu information with what shows are on and the times, just no actual show picture.
I have my cable DVR connected to the TV via an HDMI cable plugged into a DVI converter connector.
Any thoughts on where I should start my troubleshooting? I just hope I didn't damage any components inside the TV.
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@vjsteele4: There's no way that you'd get picture in one case and not the other unless you broke the DVI connector inside the TV or something crazy. My first test would be the HDMI to DVI converter; have you ever used that successfully? My understanding of the formats is that HDMI supports content flags that prevent conversions of that nature.
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Yes. I have used the DVI to HDMI connector. For some reason it is not working now. I connected my cable box to the tv via component cables and no problem I get a picture. The Hdmi cable is working bc I tried it on another tv. My guess is the DVI connector or I damaged some component when I repaired the tv.
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Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone with experience fixing these tvs would tell me if its worth fixing the problem I'm having.
I just got a used PT-50LC14. Unfortunately, the tv does not turn on.
When I press the power button, after green flashes, the power led flashes 5 times every 5 seconds and the temp led flashes once every 5 seconds.
According to the service manual, this means that there is an abnormal voltage on 30v line.
It suggest to replace the power c.b.a, and if that does not work to replace the main c.b.a. then the tuner c.b.a.
When I picked up the tv I was hoping it was a matter of changing the lamp, but it looks like this might be too expensive and complicated to make it worth while???
Can anyone tell me if I could fix this myself and if I can fix for less than $300. Now a days, u can get a new lcd for around that price.
Thanks in advance!!
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You will be better off to get you another because you might replace one of these boards and it would be in the other.Then you would would have more than you could get a new one for.
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Hi new here to the forum. Here is my problem. I have a Panasonic PT-52LCX35 tv when i power it on there is just a black screen. The power led blinks green for 1 min 45 sec. After that the power led starts blinking red and the lamp light starts blinking red once every five sec. That goes on for about 1 min then the power led stops blinking and the lamp light continues to blink . I was thinking it was a bad diode in the ballast . The diode is k1v25n . Is there a ballast repair kit for this model ? Or is this even the problem ? Thanks so much in advance .
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Not what I wanted to hear but appreciate it the response gunman. I'm probably still going to order a new lamp with housing replacement to see if that helps.
I did read somewhere that the lamp it has might be over powering the main c.b.a.

Jessy757 in respnse to your thread, you can refer to this link for the service manual: http://service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMANPDF/PT44LCX65.PDF
page 65 has warning indicators for your model. You can then deduct what is the problem you are having.
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Just want to Thank You for your detailed instructions. Nothing but parts came with my repair kit and placed a call to Panasonic (no help) no instructions available. With your help I was able to locate the parts using your pictures and after putting it all back together it is working.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU.....you saved me a bunch of money. It was somewhat difficult as I could not locate my solder sucker but improvised and that worked OK. If it were not for you and your pictures I do not know what I would have done. Best Regards.........
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