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I will be moving into a new apartment in a few days and I purchased a new SP908 in will be pairing it with my Panasonic 42PX77U. I wanted to know what the best way would be to set up my system. Should I mount the speakers on the wall, use stands or a combination of the two?

There's a problem with the mounting; I am a n00b to this and I do not have a good idea of how to do the job. Also as I said I live in ana aprtment and I have to find out how large the holes in the wall I could put. In my old place it could be the size of a small nail. Is there anywhere I could look that would shine some light on the problem. When I look into using all stand it has two problems. 1. Getting all the stands becomes expensive 2. They do not look very sturdy and might tip.

Thanks for the help in advance.