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Klipsch F1 or Polk Audio R50, with Yamaha HTR6025B or Pioneer VSX-917V-K

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I'm torn between which receiver to pair up with my floor standing speakers. Which set of speakers/receiver should I purchase tonight to go with a 32" Sharp 1080p LCD TV and an HD-DVD player?

~ need floor standing speakers ~

Klipsch Synergy F1 2-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers


Polk Audio Tower Speaker System (R50)

~ and a receiver ~

Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theatre Receiver (HTR6025B)
(this looks like a brand new model, released Dec 21)


Pioneer 7.1-Channel XM Ready HDMI Receiver (VSX-917V-K)

I was leaning towards the Klipsch speakers and Yamaha receiver because my cousin says the pioneer is too powerful and may blow the speakers ... but then someone else says the Yamaha might not be powerful enough for it. I'm told to be careful about the impedence and sensitivity, but I have no idea how to check and compare. There is nothing else on sale in this price range (prefer to buy from FS/BB only since I'd like to use up my gift cards). Please help .. I am new to home audio equipment.
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The Pioneer will definately blow the speakers if you crank it up irresponsibly.

I purchased a set of F2's for my VSX-1015 and my first test was to play Tchaicovsky's 1812 Overture at +2dB.

The speakers took the cannon shots as if they were physically aimed at them.

I returned them and purchased the F3's. Much better.
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Thanks for your help. Do you mean I should get cheaper speakers to go with the yamaha? I found these ones also on sale :

Energy C-Series 2-Way Tower Speakers (C-300) - Black

But I prefer the Klipsch or Polk Audio name brands. I'm willing to pay the $150 difference for the better receiver .. but I want to make sure it matches the speakers and won't blow them out due to wrong impedance or sensitivity.

[some how the retailer links don't show up, i guess they were censored]
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If you can get the Pioneer 917 for $299 (MSRP is significantly higher than the price you show) I would go that route and get the Polks.
I like Klipsch speakers myself, but the R50's look to be a better deal than the F1's.
On the other hand, BB shows the F2's for only $24 more than the price you give for the F1's, in which case that sounds (to me) like a better setup.
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Really? Ok i think i will get the pioneer and polks then. We don't need the extra power or features (it's for a small 650 sq ft condo afterall) but whichever is more compatible with each other is what i'm looking for. Was going to settle for a HTIB but it wasn't on sale for $400 like i thought it would be.

The F2's on best buy canada is $1,009.99 CDN ... which is a little bit more than the F1's on sale boxing day for $299.99 CDN (almost same as $299.99 US these days) :-)
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I'm actually in the same position as you (considering the purchase of some floorstanding speakers, a receiver ... and also a sub). I was looking at the BB & Futureshop deals, looking what I should jump on. Just wanted to comment on a few things I've found, and a few things that I've noticed that have been posted.

The Polkaudio speakers have some questionable reviews regarding the tweeters blowing at a moderate level, maybe people are idiots, maybe not... but there are multiple complaints about this. Also, if you checkout frys (in the US) you will see they are offloading the R50's DIRT CHEAP ($60 a speaker). Also, the "sale" price in Canada doesn't look that impressive compared to US prices (and our strong dollar).

The Klipsch has a great name of course, someone mentioned that the BB site in the US had the F2's for $24 dollars more... they didn't read everything, the price was for an individual speaker NOT THE SET. The F1's in the US are going for $242 each (on sale) which is 484 for the set... so the $300 canadian (or $150 each) is a bargain and a half! Though these speakers don't have as much power, and only 1 woofer I'm not overly concerned (mainly becaues I'm planning on buying a sub too probably ).

Also, you may want to look at the Yamaha HTR6060 On sale for $399 (save $200). I'm a fan of yamaha, it's 7.1 surround as well, and has all the other decent features.

Anyway thought I would give you my 2 cents. I'm probably going to go with the Klipsch F1's and the Klipsch KSW-12 with the Yamaha receiver. They aren't the hugest system, but I feel the quality will be superior. And there's always room for upgrading later
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Hey guys,

I'm in the same boat. I already jumped on the R-50s for $60 a piece at Fry's south of the border, and now I'm stumped with buying a receiver. Most people on this forum seem to recommend the Yamaha 6060 (or 661, same thing), but there are also supporters of the Harman-Kardon 247 and the Pioneer 917.

Based on the Boxing Day prices I'm seeing, does anybody have a recommendation?

HK-247 - $421
Yamaha 6060 - $399
Pioneer 917 - $299

Right now I'm leaning towards the 917, just because the three above receivers seem to be of "similar" quality when it comes to features and sound. Having the ability to upgrade the video on my Wii to 720p would be a plus, and no, I'm not really too concerned about 5.1 vs. 7.1 at this point. Thanks!
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Thanks, I was leaning towards the klipsch too mostly because I have more bestbuy gift cards than futureshop, and I don't know if bestbuy gift cards would work at futureshop.ca 100% (i don't want to miss out on boxing day sales because i wanted to save a couple dollars).

Which of those receivers is most compatible with the klipsch? I don't need the extra features the HTR6060 has (i think that one is at futureshop?)

My cousin says the pioneer VSX-917V-K is too much for the klipsch F1 and may blow it out .. is that true? He is a smart cousin but i don't know if he took into account those impedance/sensitivity.

Originally Posted by MentalAnarchy View Post

Having the ability to upgrade the video on my Wii to 720p would be a plus, and no, I'm not really too concerned about 5.1 vs. 7.1 at this point. Thanks!

How do you upgrade Wii to 720p? Which one of the above receivers can do this?
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Pioneer makes a great system, if you are looking for only 5.1 then that's a solid choice system. Looking at the specs, the VSX-917V-K offers 110W per channel in Stereo mode, but only 90W per channel in Surround mode. So if you are using Surround mainly I don't think you should have any concern. The F1's are meant to handle 100W continuous (400W peak), so unless you are planning to have it cranked on stereo, you shouldn't have a problem..
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Thanks, yes 5.1 is more than enough I think. So that's how you can tell from the specs .. so i guess ideally i'm looking for speakers that can handle 110W continuous power.

I wish they bundled these together to make it easier for us! How about the Energy C-300? I haven't heard of that brand but someone said they are popular in the US? If i'm getting that one, which should I pair it up with?
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I ended up ordering the following ... mostly because I only have bestbuy gift cards :

Klipsch Synergy F1 2-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers

Pioneer 7.1-Channel XM Ready HDMI Receiver (VSX-917V-K)

Right after ordering, I realized maybe I should have ordered the Yamaha HTR6060 instead because it has less Watt per channel so it should fit these speakers better correct?

Yamaha 7.1 Channel HDMI Receiver (HTR6060)

It was sold out by the time I checked out at Future Shop again.
Should I wait for a restock and get these while cancelling my Pioneer order? The extra $100 and extra features make no difference to me. I wish I found out before tonight, now I messed up my gift card balances.
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im selling some F-2's only used for a couple weeks, i decided to upgrade the speakers. if anyone is interested. i'll sell for $299. PM if your interested
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ilovenintendo, looks like we picked up the same stuff. I was aiming for the HTR6060 but was out when the sales started, came back and they were gone (they musn't have had many of these stocked). I went with the F1's and the Pioneer as well.
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oh seriously? damn, the HTR6060 was in stock when I bought my pioneer .. I even got 2of those $100 Toshiba HD-DVD players sent to both of my addresses. :-) I just wish I was able to research earlier. Didn't think I'd end up buying the components separately. So these two work ok? I don't mind saving the $100 since those extra features aren't needed i don't think. Why did you pick yamaha over the pioneer?
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This thread brought up a question I also had with my R50s and a receiver...

What would the symptoms be if the receiver was not powerful enough for the speakers? My secondary setup has a very old cheap receiver that barely hits the 20 watt minimum. What should I look for to see if I need to upgrade the receiver?
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Is the Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theatre Receiver (HTR6025B) good for the

Polk Audio Home Theatre Speaker System (RM10FS)?????

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Is the Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theatre Receiver (HTR6025B) good for the

Polk Audio Home Theatre Speaker System (RM10FS)????

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i am not sure where everyone is living - but if you have a J&R music world - store near you -- you should go visit that first for Klipsch or Polk - i went last week for a TV - didnt like the one i wanted - so i went to hear the speakers since i was there - i listened to the RF 82 and RF 83 --

the RF 83 was very hot -- anyway - i asked about price and they had the RF 82 for alot less than BB has them !!!

on the J&R website - its reg. price - but when i asked - they gave me a much lower price for either model - its alot less - i cant put it here - pm if you like to know the price - and i did hear the polks of last years model - A10
not that bad for a little speaker - not for the price - very very good for the pair --

but i would have taken the RF 82 if i needed speakers now - the RF 83 were great - much much better but much larger and deeper - i dont have the room in a city apt for that model - i can make it fit if i really wanted - but you do need at least one foot from the wall and the speaker is two feet deep so thats about 3 feet from the wall with the RF 83 -- and the price was very good for that model also -
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