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Screen Gain help...

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Hello Everyone... For quite some time I have been working on various urethane paint formulas for my DIY screen project. I first started out with DW laminate but was not happy with the hot-spotting I was getting with my G90 CRT projector. I applied poly blends and numerous other coatings but still was not sattisfied.

After trying many paint formulas, I finally was able to mixup some paint that I applied over the DW laminate material and provided me with the best pq that I have seen to date.

The question I have is that I have been trying to figure out exactly what the gain of this screen is. I did have a matte white screen from before which is marketed as a unity gain or a gain of 1. I used my CA-6 colorimeter and displayed a 100 IRE window on the material and took a measurement. I then took that material down and displayed the same 100 IRE window and measured again. Here are the figures that I got:

Matte White Screen @ 100IRE Window: 5.175 ft/lamberts

Custom Painted Screen @ 100IRE Window: 6.436 ft/lamberts

Is it reasonable to simply divide the two numbers to determine the amount of "gain" that the new painted screen is providing over the matte white?

If this is the case, then I am seeing a gain of 1.24 over the matte white material... Does this sound about right??
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Does this sound about right??

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