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receiver advice?

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Looking for a little help from those of you in the know.
Just picked up a set of Energy C-300 speakers for a pretty smoking deal ($200) and am trying to decide between a stereo or AV receiver. At this point in time I'm not looking for more then a 2 channel setup (can't convince the girlfriend we need surround) for music and movies/games.
Now my question is, in the sub $500 range should I bother picking up an AV receiver so I can upgrade to surround in the future (sooner or later she will cave)? Or am I better off picking up a stereo amp/receiver and upgrading later? Any advice suggestion?

Our PS3 is currently connected via HDMI to a Sharp Aquos 32". So we have no need for upconverting in an AV receiver, but would want HDMI through. Suppose in a stereo amp/receiver could route the sound via optical cable.

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I'd pick up an AVR with an eye to the future.

Denon AVR 1908
Harman Kardon AVR 247
Onkyo TX-SR605
Sony STR-DG910
Yamaha RX-V661
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Thanks Samsurd.
Does anyone have any experience with the AVR 247 modified by "Stereo Dave's" ??
(I'd link but don't have enough posts yet)

Read one very positive review, but was wondering if anyone had first hand or long term experience? It seems a bit fishy that they don't tell you anything about the modification on their website. Found a thread from July stating pretty much the same thing, but couldn't find a conclusion.

Thanks again, I know there are a million "I'm a newb help me pick my receiver" threads going.
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I have no idea what modification you're referring to but I can tell you if you're purchasing a avr for 2 channel audio now and moving to surround in the future HK is hard to beat for sound quality at the price point, definitely a good choice.
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