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Hi everybody. I need a jump start if anybody is interested in helping. Here's my situation. I have several hundred dvds (movies and television). I would like to put them on a home theater pc. I have "inherited" two dell home pc's. Both are around 3 years old with 512 mb of ram and I believe them to be p4's in the 2.5 gigahertz range. I am not interested in HD since my hdtv is older and only has component inputs and I don't believe these pc's to be powerful enough anyways. I plan to run windows xp home (non-media center) I am not interested in pvr functions or tuners. This is strictly for dvd playback. If it were capable of gaming great, but chances are I'd never play one.

What I would like to do is buy a decent video card for each pc with component outputs and a sound card with 5.1 dolby digital output. I need advice on which cards would be best for my situation. I would also like a remote control for the setup. I currently use one of those logitech harmony's that could probably be adapted for use with this.

Also, I hope to store all of the dvd rips to external usb harddrives on a central server computer (an old hp 1gb ram, p4 3 gigahertz) and stream the dvd rips to the other two pc's over a wireless lan (802.11 g).

In summary, I guess I have 5 questions:
1. What relatively inexpensive video/audio cards should I look at for standard definition playback over component cables?
2. Is it possible to stream dvd video over 802.11g?
3. Are there any holes in my little plan here or details that I'm over simplifying or overlooking?
4. Do remotes come with the video cards? I know I've seen some packaged together in the past.
5. Any advice or opinions on frontends for simple dvd library playback would be very appreciated as well.

I am hoping that since my needs are not too demanding, that this can all be achieved relatively inexpensively. Please correct me if I'm way off base.

Thanks for any tips you can throw my way.