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Starting on my first HT.

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Just wanted to get a thread started early on the build so I wouldn't forget some things... Here we go...

This shot is looking from the entrance way at what is going to be the left side of the screen wall. Closet will get removed and a new wall put in just in front of the septic pipe I don't want to mess with.

Right side of the screen wall.

This will be the seating area. The little walk way is going to be walled into a corner.

The bar area is going bye-bye and a door to be put in about the left side of the current opening.

Screen wall shot after removing all the ceiling tiles. Notice the crap floating around?

Here is the left wall.

Right wall, walkway, seating area. I HATE SUSPENDED CEILINGS!!!!!!!

A/C ducting that needs to get moved. I have an idea as to how I want to accomplish this feat.

Another shot of the ducting including the A/C compressor lines.

HVAC and water heater exhaust pipe I'm going to have to build around. The pie pan in the bottom of the shot is plugging a hole that leads to the chimney. If I have room, may add some type of little stove. We'll see.

-Continued in next post-
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Hint, hint. This is a big NO NO. This is the propane pipe going to the HVAC and water heater. It's galvanized. Needs to be replaced. I wonder how rusted it is on the inside.

I'm wondering what the plumber was smoking when he was putting the water pipes together. They need to move.

Current room dimensions are 19'Lx14'Wx8'6"H. Planning on framing in what needs to go in, which is currently the left wall and screen wall. After that, thinking about vaulting the ceiling to really open the room up.

More to come after the rest of the deconstruction is done. When that is done, I'll have better measurements and will know where I stand.

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I know you hate drop ceilings...but save the framework. You could do black fiber optic star panels

or a realistic sky

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Actually, I really liked what SWithey did in his HT and was going to make a similar type of star ceiling.

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That will be one hell of a transformation. Can't wait to see it!
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Hey Cam...Who's theater is the red/blk one you posted in the first pic? I'm diggin that one and would like to see more. Sorry for the thread jack. I'm a noob. Good luck with the room.
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