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esata to firewire?

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I own an imac and I'd like to buy the DS351 from Silverstone.
This external raid unit has only esata connector and my imac only has firewire/usb.

I tried to find an cable adapter with firewire 800 on one end and esata on the other end but google did not retrieve the desired results.

Do anyone of you have any suggestion?

Many thanks.
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check out this gizmo:


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Here's another (already shipping) eSata-firewire option:


I ended up purchasing this to connect an external SataII blu-ray burner to my laptop bypassing USB.
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thanks for the update.

I finally changed my external drive for a combo, firewire, sata, usb.
however, the devide you suggest only output to firewire 400.
the gain over usb 2 through the converter must be marginal. have you compared the speed of both interfaces?
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I found this posting when searching for information on this Firewire to SATA adapter. What has your experience with it been?
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I finally kept my Lacie USB+eSata, it's dedicated to Mac OS Time Machine's backups.
So I use USB and speed is very fine for Time Machine.

I decided to buy a NAS enclosure to access my data over the network.
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I have a related issue I am working on. I'd love your recommendations. I have an eSATA output on my laptop as well as USB 2.0, but I need to connect a recording interface which is a male Firewire 1394. So is there an adapter that can accomplish that? I purchased a Firewire/USB adapter, but it doesn't seem to be working. The software does not recognize that the interface is connected at all. Possibly a bum adapter, but maybe it wasn't ever going to work in the first place. Any thoughts?

I'm running Windows 7 and connecting to a Presonus Firebox, btw.

Thanks for your consideration,

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@Blycker - I'm having the same issue - running an Edirol FA66 Firewire. Just got a new cpu, no firewire. Tried a usb 2.0/firewire hub. Exact same results. Looks like we're SOL unfortunately.
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Dude i have the exact same problem (new laptop, presonus firepod) have you found any solutions yet???
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Ive got the same issue. Dell Lap with usb and sata. Personus firebox with firewire. I searched hard and have found only the cooldrive and spyderhub. Anybody figured it out? I have written to both companies for thier opinion. Sounds like it will work but will it ?
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For use with a laptop, obtain a PCMCIA/Cardbus eSata adapter.

For a desktop simply add an eSata adapter card.
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Originally Posted by dragonfyr View Post

For use with a laptop, obtain a PCMCIA/Cardbus eSata adapter.

Why did I not think of that? Many laptops, particular certain Dell laptops, do not include an PCMCIA or cardbus slot.
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