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Isync Audio Problems on HD Only????

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Very peculiar issue with my new processor setup.

I'm running the new Dishnetwork 722VIP Set Top Box.
HDMI Out to my Panisonic 52" LCD
All is fine with video and audio.

If I run the HDMI into my new Keydigital Isync (KD-VPHD2), Then HDMI back out to my LCD, I lose audio but only on the HD Channels!

This is crazy. I realize that there is digital multi-channel or DTS audio on the HD channels, but the display handles the audio fine straight out of the Dish Box. The Isync seems to not want to pass the audio signals through.

Very Frustrating. Any suggestions? Keydigital seems to be stumped, or suggests just setting my box to 2 channel, which defeats the purpose of having the multi-output processing box in the first place.
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Well neither Samsung nor Keydigital can figure out what is going on here. it seems the Isync processor receives and properly decodes the multi-channel audio signal, but does not encode it properly.

Once again, all audio goes through just fine over HDMI straight through to the LCD on HDMI, but if I run through the Isync, audio on SD channels only, nothing on all of the HD Channels.

NOTE: The Isync definitely gets the audio signal and properly outputs on all other formats (optical, coaxial, etc) it just will not encode properly or my LN-t5265F LCD simply cannot understand the encoding that the Isync puts the multi channel audio into.

there is something the processor is doing, agian coming straight from the Dish Box all data is fine.

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This is simple.

The EDID from your display communicates with the Dish box and tells it what audio formats it supports (ie not multichannel) and the KD-VPHD2 is breaking that link. You should be able to set your Dish STB to output "PCM only" audio and fix this issue.

Sending multichannel audio to your display sounds like a good idea, but if your display is not compatible with the audio format you wil hear nothing or worse, staticy noise.
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First of all, thank you in advance for trying to help me out.

I tried cycling through the PCM Settings, nothing will work. I wonder if I have to cycle the power on the ISYNC or the Display each time I change the settings on the STB in order to recognize the change.

So Frustrating. I'll try this next.
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