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Gonna need a screen soon!  

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I am looking to buy a projector in the next few months.It will more than likely be a Curt Palm special,used crt.

I currently live in an apartment so It cannot be anything perm.I am wondering how a crt would look on a plain white wall for the time being?I could get some border and paint it black once I find out what size will work best for me.

Is this a good idea,would a diy screen of black out be better or do I need a better screen for crt?I am a rookie just trying to get my feet wet so I am not that picky...just yet
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Chad I
Greetings fellow Hoosier! Check out Ron Geyer’s thread on the plastic material screen. It does require some holes in the wall but they could be easily filled with spackling and repainted upon removal of the screen. If your ever up North near South Bend look me up I will show you the screen I built. This screen is being driven with a CRT projector similar to the ones that Curt sells.

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Thanks mike,I will keep that in mind.

I usually do not get up north so much,well any further than Lafayette.But if I do get up that way,I will look you up.
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