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DViCO Fusion HDTV7

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Hi All,

I just saw a press release on the DViCO site that announces the release of the Fusion HDTV7 tuner for both USB and PCI. Does anyone have any additional details and how it compares with the HDTV5 model?

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sorry no details but saw this as well and wondering the same...seems like the gold version card goes for about $100 US.
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After doing some poking around I found out more details about this new card. The core chipset is

Tuner - Xceive XC5000 (new and interesting)
Receiver - Samsung S5H1411
Decoder - CX23880 (same as hdtv5)

Also if you can read Korean, the spec sheet is posted on the korean version of the dvico site ( I would add the url, but am a new poster). Personally I can't read it, but I have been able to extract the appropriate chipset.

The most interesting part of this card is the new tuner is a chip that is very tiny as opposed to the "tin can" we are used to. This makes the board much smaller and has less power consumption requirements. Also supposedly this tuner is quicker at tuning than the old tuners we have been used to. Now having said that - this is what I gathered from doing an internet tranlation on a Korean website review of the product, so my information may be quite spotty.

I have gone ahead and preordered one (they are being released middle of jan in US) so I will update everyone with my experiences.

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I found the English press release here: http://www.fusionhdtv.co.kr/ENG/boar...=RD&itemid=408


1. Supports digital cable (64/ 256 QAM)/ Clear QAM.

2. Real-time clock (RT) function to support power-on-PC recording.

3. Window Vista Premium Logo certified/ Designed for Window XPTM certified.

4. Single tuner PIP (Picture-in-Picture) and Multi-view in simulcast HD environment.

5. Lowest heat emission in non operating mode for eco-system.

6. Real-time digital video recoding (DVR).

7. True HD time-shifting with FF/ REW/ Positioning.
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Originally Posted by mrech View Post

I have gone ahead and preordered one (they are being released middle of jan in US) so I will update everyone with my experiences.

Where did you place your pre-order? Thanks
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Just do a Google search of "FusionHDTV7 RT Gold"
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Originally Posted by LAGuy View Post

Where did you place your pre-order? Thanks

I ordered it at cyberestore. Here is the url if you are interested

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Anyone got there hands on the HDTV7 yet. Interesting that it is cheaper than the HDTV5, so I'm wondering how it compares performance wise.
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Don't have it yet - although it is now in the country... I should have it sometime this week. If you are wondering why it is cheaper, my guess is the tuner is cheaper. The tuner is now a chip instead of that tin box that you have historically seen in many of the tuners out there. The other piece of good news about the chip is that hauppage will be using it in their line of products too - so obviously there is something decent about it - and hopefully it is not only the price ;-)

I will let you know how it works. I don't have a hdtv5 to compare against, but I do have a hauppage 1600 (which is part of the reason I wanted a dvico product... better tuning and multipath).

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Looking forward to your review mark. I am in a similar situation in that I have a HDTV Wonder which I am looking to better. I was all set to buy the FusionHDTV5, then the 7 showed up for less money. In fact, I was bidding for a used on on eBay which ended up going for nearly as much a the new 7. My decision was no longer so clear.
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I'm also interested in your experiences... I've got a fusion 5 lite that has problems with Vistas sleep mode and an HVR1600. The ATSC tuner on the 1600 does not handle mutli-path nearly as well as the fusion.
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Hi All,

I received the tuner 2 days ago, and wanted to give some early feedback. I am now using the hdtv7 as my main tuner. The tuner picks up all the same channels as my Bravia xbr4 does which is exactly what I wanted. My old tuner - the hauppauge 1600 - was only able to tune slightly over half of the channels that my tv could. The additional channels that the hdtv7 tuned in fell either into the category of weak signal or mulitpath. The other comparison to note is that channel changing is very snappy, and the picture quality is very good. In initial comparisons to the raw tv the picture appears to be of the same quality. I have not had the opportunity to watch live sports yet which should be quite telling. The other thing i was impressed with was the size of the card. It is literally one third the size of the hauppauge card. The tuner chip is tiny.... probalby half the size of my pinkie fingernail!

In the end, I am very pleased with the card and would recommend it highly. I am using it as part of my Media Centre setup in Vista.

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Thanks for the update Mark.
I guess I'll place my order now. Once installed, I will be able to provide a comparison to the ATI HDTV Wonder.
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When you say the picture quality is good... it will be the same on every ATSC card since all they are doing is capturing a digital file bit for bit (outside of skips, jumps and pixelation caused by dropped signals and such).

Picture quality depends purely on the playback chain... mpeg2 decoder and your video card.

The only exception to this is if the card is an SD tuner card as well... is it?
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Don't fuel confusion by using "SD" (standard definition, which may be either digital or analog) when you mean "NTSC", i.e., analog TV.

Playback with the bundled sw, FusionHDTV, should be the same with this card as with any Fusion unit. As mentioned, playback of recordings using other sw will also be the same, regardless of the source of the transport stream (barring poor-reception glitches) because this has nothing to do with the capture hw.
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I just installed this card (Fusion HDTV7 Gold RT) and wanted to give some feedback. This is my first experience using a tuner card with PC. I wanted a HD card that could tune QAM from a cable signal and it fits the bill perfectly. Picks up all the channels I was receiving from the QAM on my Toshiba 42LX177 and now I have the ability to record all the unencrypted HD channels.

Picture quality is good but not as crisp as the picture I get from the TV. My video card is a XFX 8800GT and I have yet to do any tweaking..so I'm not sure if the is is the tuner or the graphics card.

The Package comes with a remote and a IR dongle...I've yet to use these but will update once I play around some more.

Overall I'm very pleased.
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Now Divco has another one listed on their site:


These Divco Fusions are "ConFusing."
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TPeterson... yes you are right, I stand corrected.

So to rephrase... the digital ATSC and QAM tuner has no effect on picture quality.

Analog NTSC (either OTA or cable) tuners/encoders can and do affect picture quality.

I still can't determine from dvico's limited info what the NTSC capabilities of this card are... i.e. can it tune both digital and analog signals at the same time (doesn't look like it). Is the analog tuner MCE compliant? etc.
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The card picks up both analog and digital signals over cable... I can get both analog channels (like the Food network) as well as HD signals for CBS, NBC, etc...This is only using the software that came with the Tuner...I think I read that MCE (Vista) does not pick up non-encrypted digital signals over cable. I was not able to get MCE to recognize any station digital or analog with MCE (Vista)

I've also read in the FusionHDTV5 Forums that there's a new software version coming with some major improvements but don't know how reliable that is...right now the software seems to work fine...but I really haven't put it through the paces yet.
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The card has a single tuner that's capable of NTSC, 8VSB, and QAM--but only one at a time. It also, as all other Fusion units, has no hw MPEG encoder, so it's not a "valid" MCE analog TV receiver.


The improvements coming in the next iteration of FusionHDTV I would not characterize as "major", being mainly cosmetic additions and further bug fixes (besides changes to accommodate the new Fusion units). FusionHDTV is already a very respectable performer as a live/recorded TV player and as a DVR. I recommend that you check out CW_EPG, which turns it into a very good PVR too.
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Thanks guys, that's the info I was looking for... although it's not what I was hoping for.

I do wish they had a full MCE compatible combo card with analog tuner/hardware encoder and a separate digital tuner like the HVR1600/1800.

That LGtuner/demodulator does a great job of locking onto OTA digital signals.
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I pre-ordered the fusionHDTV7 USB. Do the PCI versions have better reception, picture quality, more options than the usb version?
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No, no, and no.
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I hope the USB version has the Real-time clock function. here's a link to the tuner chip http://www.xceive.com/technology_XC5000.htm
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I don't know if the USB version of the F7 supports RT or not. However, I'm not aware of any PCs that can be waked from S5 (soft-off state) via USB, so my guess is that it does not have the RT function. Many PCs cannot be waked via USB even from S3 (standby) and S4 (hibernate).

However, FusionHDTV does wake the PC from S3 or S4 for recordings even without the RT function, as long as the PC BIOS supports ACPI.
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Hmm, does it really matter much if it is a express card or not? I notice it is just a standard PCI car.

Although at $99's, I could replace to Fusion 5's at once if it takes less power..
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Ok..after playing around with this card over the weekend I am having some issues with stuttering when recording or using Timeshifting... I'm new to using a tuner card and not sure if this is common. BRaodcast is great with no stutter at all and works pretty seamless with the remote once you get your favorites selected.

Also I've noticed that recorded playback is about 10-15% small than full 1920x1080 resolution... is this common...any input would be greatly appreciated
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Originally Posted by NV5655 View Post

Hmm, does it really matter much if it is a express card or not?

It matters if you don't have empty slots of the same type. Otherwise, I think not.
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Originally Posted by cmuwallydog View Post

[1] stuttering when recording or using Timeshifting....
[2] recorded playback is about 10-15% small than full 1920x1080 resolution....

1. This is a symptom of HDD I/O problems, either a poorly operating contoller (e.g., because of IRQ conflicts or such) or a fragmented drive.

2. What is "smaller"? The display?? Since the file playback (assuming that you're talking about a DTV station) is exactly the same data as in the broadcast, I can't imagine what you're looking at.
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Originally Posted by TPeterson View Post


The card has a single tuner that's capable of NTSC, 8VSB, and QAM--but only one at a time. It also, as all other Fusion units, has no hw MPEG encoder, so it's not a "valid" MCE analog TV receiver.

In Vista, at least, you actually can use the Fusion units as an analog tuner as the drivers now include a SW MPEG encoder. I have been using a Fusion 3 Gold-Q as my analog tuner, in fact, since I got my HDHomerun.
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