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paint vw11  

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.. as continued from rgb paint.

My latest experiment resulted in blacks at a quality level of 97% to 105 %: p of a CRT rptv. Colours are good, whites are ok. therefore I must continue improving on this without losing much or any blacklevel. I was watching some extremely dark martial arts movie last night, terrible movie but what blacks I created :D.

I must be more accurate now as what I put into the paint as I am not 100% sure as to what I did.

I thus far have~:

in about 90 ml of "dew" grey (warmish/darkish grey grey) latex I added:

1. about 4 drops of black pigment
2. half or whole tablespoon of United colours of beneton light blue
3. 8 ml of silver paint.

My continued theory on improving on this is to add maybe an extra drop of black (for continued blacks), a whole table spoon of this brightish blue to improve on whites as well as doubling or tripling on the silver.

If anyone has any suggestions for further improvements

PS: This particular colour is 200% better than a white material with a black backing!!

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hi Mr. Wigggles, (as continued from "Rgb Grey Paint")

I can offcourse only judge my ht11, but there is alot of red and the picture is very warm, hence the unexpected blue grey is working so well to improve whites.

After reading the forum all about the red problem in the vw10 I expected red to be a problem, but to my surprise it wasn't. Colours were much better than the vw10 I had seen in the local shop. I have also tested a redish grey screen just to see what would happen, but this increased the reds too much for the 11, but should do wonders for the 10 so I thought.

I do not have access to measurement equipment so do it all by as you say "eye-balled guesses".

I have only connected the vw11 via video in, using a very very cheap speaker cable, and I asume when I ever get hold of component cables this should improve colours, I cannot imagine that red would become a problem when component cables are connected or am I wrong

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I have discovered that once you are sure approx. which colour you require good measurements of different paints are very important. (un)fortunately I did this last night using kitchen measuring spoons. this created a good basis to continue as I am nearing the right consistancy. However I added too much black last night making the screen too dark. I have not tested the latests patch using th PJ, but I can already see its wrong. I doubled the amount of silver paint, but this still is not enough.

I'll continue wednesday, Once I have a reasonable consistency for gain I'll post the quanities. I need to be at 95%. (I'm probably at about 90% correct) of finishing the colour mix as this weekend the building material is arriving so I can start to actualy build the screen, and I only want to put the finishing touch on the actual screen and do not want to add too many different colours on that surface.

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Well in my opinion I have exceeded CRT RPTV technology for the vw11 with the following screen/paint mix (except for brightness and the 3d feel is almost as good as CRT RPTV)(mixture is now at 94% ready):

3 tablespoons "dew" gray paint (~2nd place on a 6 step gray scale 1 being light, 2 being slightly darker)

1/2 tablespoon benneton blue
2 tablespoons silver
1 drop of black pigment
1 tablespoon translucent mother of pearl
1 drop of benneton red
1 drop of benneton green

To further improve on this I think 3 tablespoons of silver are required (to increase gain) and 3 drops of benneton red. Also I want to add a white powder (from a hobby shop) to give it a vague overall white sparkle effect (only up close) to further improve on whites and increase perceived contrast between blacks and whites

The 136" screen was seen using a poor quality 14" TV (PAL) as the source, connected using a cheap speaker cable video out to video in.

Please feel free to comment
anybody tried this mixture or similar?

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Well I tried the sparkle effect. That does not work :( so when I finish building the actual screen, which I will start Tue instead of today, it will prob. take about 2 weeks (I hope as its x-mas month) before I can further tune the paint mix:

"To further improve on this I think 3 tablespoons of silver are required (to increase gain) and 3 drops of benneton red" :)

I had some visitors come round and they also thought that this paint mixture was already better then the screen of the THOMSON 52" 100Hz widescreen CRT RPTV, so its not just my imagination:D.
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Well, I’ve started on the next test. The red grey as well as more silver. I’ve decided that the blue grey is a better option for the vw11 despite what had been suggested. Unfortunately I also ended up adding too much silver. For those who like a white like screen with better blacks, this would be great.
However I feel a slight reduction of the bright in favour of the blacks would give a better picture.

For 6m square:

15 Tablespoons Dew grey
1 Tablespoon benneton red
12 Tablespoons silver
6 drops black pigment
5 tablespoons of silver mother of pearl
10 drops of benneton blue
2 ml benneton green
5 tablespoons of white mother of pearl
2 tablespoons of Flair satin sealer

My next adjustment will be 3 tablespoons of this mixture (leftovers) plus:

15 tablespoons dew grey
½ or 1 tablespoon blue
~4 Tablespoons silver
~1 Tablespoons of silver mother of pearl
1 drop of benneton green
~1 Tablespoons of white mother of pearl
~2 tablespoons of satin sealer

I also discovered that my quantities were still too inaccurate when increasing to an area of 6 square meters. So I hope A maximum of 2 further layers will suffice for the best results

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