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I have an older Sony VPH-1031Q CRT front projector (low lumens) that I'm going to set up. I believe this projector will not support HDTV. I will have complete control of the light in the room. My viewing will be half and half 4:3 and 16:9. Therefore, wouldn't a 4:3 screen be a better choice?

I plan on using a 72" diagonal screen. I've heard that curved screens are the way to go for low lumen projectors but that they can have hot spotting problems and the view angle is low so therefore I'm leaning toward a fixed frame screen such as a Da-Lite perm wall. What is the difference between the perma wall and the da-snap? Any suggestions as far as material type and gain? Would the pearlescent or cinema be a good choice?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.