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Studiotek 130 Microperf. vs Grayhawk  

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I just saw the Sharp XVZ-9000E on a Studiotek 130 Microperf screen.
The width of the screen was 3m. (118'' ?)
Thought the brightness was fine.
How does the Microperf. material compare to the Grayhawk ?
Obviously a Microperf. screen is less bright than a normal Studiotek 130. How big is the difference to a Grayhawk ?
Or what would the actual Gain be for a Microperf screen?

I'm asking because I would like to have a 107'' wide screen and the benefit of the Grayhawk material. I would be using the Sharp with it's 800 Ansi mode (not the Theatermode).
Based on Augie's screen calculator the Sharp would have about 16.99 fl on a 107'' wide Grayhawk screen.
If I use the calculator for a 118'' wide screen and assume that a Studiotek 130 microperf. has actually only got 1.2 gain, then the results are 17.65fl....
So the difference seems to be quiet small.
Is that sufficient ?

I'd appreciate any kind of comments or suggestions.


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Look back in the thread on which screen to use for the Sharp 9000, Don Stewart posted his measurements on the lumens output from the Sharp. You should plug those numbers into your spreadsheet and they will give you more realistic real-world numbers. Anyways, if you found that the brightness was OK on a 1.3 gain microperf you should be alright using it on a Greyhawk (not perf'ed right?), it probably won't be really bright or "punchy" but it shouldn't look dim. It is on the edge of what Don recommended, though.


Kam Fung
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Microperf results in a 10% light loss vs. a non-perf'd screen (e.g., a 1.5 gain Ultramatte microperf is very close to a 1.3 gain StudioTek screen)...your estimate of an effective 1.2 gain is very close. As was noted, the specs on most digital projectors are overrated...caveat emptor!
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