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Welcome to the Forum!Hey don't be confused ? Here it is The 10-bit Z series 40" Sony LCDs are the absolute best. This TV sends XBR down a notch. Digital source material will jump out at you like never before. Gorgous color and contrast. The best yet.

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The XBR6 isn't the upgrade to the XBR4 and 5? It's the Z series??? I'm confused.
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Hi i'm really intersted in buying W4000 but i'm stuck between 32" and 40" models, my budget is 1100 euros max, 32" version costs 600 euros, 40" will cost me 850 at least due to weight and shipping issues, i'll be using a 360 through hdmi (what's better for 1920*1080 tv ? 720p or 1080i ? ) and i'll be also playing a lot of SD content too, like crappy greek analog tv channels, wii @ 480p through component cables , regular dvds through 360 ( what's better for dvd movie playback ? xbox 360 or a regular dvd player with component outputs ? )

I suspect SD content will look less blurry and pixelated on the 32" model, correct ? but how do i know that 32W4000 40W4000 have exactly the same electronics ? I'm really sensitive to input lag and afaik 40W4000 has only 0-10ms of lag, can somebody assure me with evidence that 32" is not any "slower" ??

The only thing i've found after a couple of hours googling is that the 32" model is using an 8bit panel instead of 10bit like the 40W4000, any other differences ? View distance 5m max due to limited space in the living room
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hello,I see you are from europe right?Why do you consider buying last year's model?there is a replacement already in the market
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I'm from greece like you, from what i know W45000 and W5500 have worse input lag
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which with game mode is invisible,and the thing is that peformance wise the new V5500/W5500 are much better than W4000
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